Colonel John Sartoris

Colonel John Sartoris is the patriarch of the Sartoris family, and one of the major figures in the Yoknapatawpha fiction. He had two daughters (unnamed in Faulkner's works) and a son, Bayard. His wife apparently died during Bayard's childbirth (1849), so Sartoris was a widower by the time of the Civil War. He left his mother-in-law, Rosa Millard, in charge of his plantation during the war. Sartoris briefly returns to his plantation during "Ambuscade." The main purpose for the visit seems to be arranging for the family silver to be hidden from the encroaching Yankee army.


Philadelphy is the wife of Loosh. She tries to get Loosh to quit talking his pro-Yankee talk in front of Ringo and Bayard, but to little avail.


Loosh is Philadelphy's husband, Ringo's uncle, and Joby's son. Loosh is the only black on the Sartoris plantation who openly desires the freedom for slaves offered by the Yankees. In this story, Loosh ridicules the war games of Ringo and Baynard, suggesting (though the boys do not understand his implications) that the South is on its way to inevitable defeat.

"Red Leaves", 320 (Event)

"Red Leaves", 320 (Event)

"Red Leaves", 320 (Event)


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