Courthouse Square in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

The courthouse and the Square around it are the seat of county government, so it seems safe to assume that when Bill Varner drives his daughter Eula and Flem Snopes "in to town" to get married, they end up there (166).

Varner's House in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

This is where Uncle Billy Varner lives, with at least his daughter Eula. It seems to be both a farm and the site of Bill's veterinary practice. While clearly close to Jody Varner's store and Mrs. Littlejohn's place, the text does not say how close, or in what direction.

Snopes' Farm in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

The narrator refers to "a regular nest" of Snopeses who live and work as tenant farmers -- that is, sharecroppers -- "about five miles down the bottom," which seems to mean five miles from Varner's store, closer to the river (165). The narrator also says the Snopeses "never stayed on any place over a year," but this may be the "nest" from which the many cousins and other kinfolks that Flem Snopes finds places for keep coming throughout the Snopes' trilogy.

Varner's Store in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

Although the narrator never goes inside, much of the story's action takes place on the porch of Varner's store. It is a place where the men of Frenchman's Bend frequently gather.

Halfway to Town in "Spotted Horses" in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

Described simply as on the road "pretty near half way to town" (165), this is the scene where readers meet their first "spotted horse," when it jumps over the narrator's team.

Freemans' Farm

Mrs. Littlejohn's Place

This site is just Mrs. Littlejohn's house, See also "Mrs. Littlejohn's Lot."

Snopes' Farm


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