Unnamed Corn Shelling Woman

One of the two women listening to the Old Man tell tales of yore.

Unnamed Fowl-Dressing Woman

This woman listens to the unnamed old man tell the stories of the olden days.

Unnamed Old Man

Shortly after Issetibbeha dies, this unnamed man speaks with two Indian women about the old days.

Indian Doctor

The Indian "doctor" who treats Issetibbeha in his last illness weats a "skunk skin vest" (321) or "waistcoat" (329). He "burns sticks" in an unsuccessful attempt to cure his patient (322).

Unnamed White Man

An unidentified white man shows Issetibbeha how to use snuff.

Moketubbe's Mother

Issetibbeha first sees the woman working in a melon patch. She has "broad, solid thighs," a "sound back" and a "serene face," reminding him of his own mother (321).

King Louis XV

French monarch of the House of Bourbon, who ruled from 1 September 1715 until he died in 1774. During his visit to France, Issetibbeha acquires some furniture and red slippers that allegedly belonged to the monarch.

Madame de Pompadour

Mme. de Pompadour was the primary mistress of Louis XV's, King of France. Issetibbeha returns home from France with some furniture reputedly owned by Louis XV.

Forty Sold Slaves

These forty slaves are sold by Issetibbeha to a Memphis trader. He uses the money to go to Europe.

Unnamed Slave Trader

To get money to go to Europe, Issetibbeha sells forty slaves to "a Memphis trader" (320).


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