"That Evening Sun", 291 (Event)

Unnamed Passersby

They told about Nancy and Mr Stovall and those that passed the jail that night could hear Nancy singing and yelling and the jailor trying to make her stop (291).

"That Evening Sun", 291 (Event)

Unnamed Marshal

The marshal, Jefferson's main police officer, arrested Nancy and accompanied her to jail. On the way, he prevented Mr. Stovall from doing any more harm to Nancy than kicking her in the mouth and knocking out her teeth.

Mr. Stovall

Mr. Stovall, the cashier in the Jefferson bank and a deacon in the Baptist church, knocks Nancy to the ground when she accuses him of having failed to pay her for sex.

"That Evening Sun", 290 (Event)

Unnamed Husbands of Negro Washing Women

The husbands of the washing women sometimes fetched and delivered clothes.

"That Evening Sun", 289 (Event)

"That Evening Sun", 289 (Event)

Negro Hollow|Freedman Town

The area in Jefferson where many black characters reside and the location of the cabins of Nancy and Aunt Rachel in "That Evening Sun."


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