Chicago Night Club in Flags in the Dust (Location)

A place with a band that features saxophones, a crowded dance floor, "painted ladies," and tables -- including the one at which Young Bayard sits, drinking scotch and soda with a bottle and a number of "soiled glasses" in front of him (384).


"By the People"

"Fool About a Horse"

"With Caution and Dispatch"


A Fable

Telegraph Office in Flags in the Dust (Location)

The telegraph office is near the Square, and close enough to Dr. Peabody's office for him to pass it on his way to work in the morning, but Faulkner never describes it in any detail.

Telegraph Office

I. O. Snopes' House in Flags in the Dust (Location)

"A small frame house painted a sultry prodigious yellow, near the railway station," where the family of I. O. Snopes lives (235). The restaurant that he runs for his cousin Flem is presumably somewhere nearby.


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