I. O. Snopes' House

Rogers' Restaurant in Flags in the Dust (Location)

Deacon Rogers' place is more than a restaurant. Its "cluttered but clean front section" sells groceries (119), the restaurant tables and kitchen are in the back, and beyond them, behind a door, is the small back room where Young Bayard drinks toddies made from the moonshine whisky Rafe MacCallum provides, mixed with sugar and lemons supplied by Deacon.

Jefferson Livery Stable in Flags in the Dust (Location)

To get to the livery stable from Courthouse Square, Young Bayard and Rafe MacCallum turn into a side street, pass "before negro shops, and between a busy grist mill and a silent cotton gin," then to the end of a lane full of "tethered horses and mules" in front of a blacksmith shop to a "long dun-colored brick building smelling of ammonia" with a paddock (126).

Rogers' Restaurant

"The Hound"

Knight's Gambit


Flags in the Dust, 91 (Event)

Flags in the Dust, 85 (Event)


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