Term ID Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2124 Environment Domestic Space Confined living quarters

Refers to when a text draws attention to the relative smallness or confined nature of where a character resides - a "single room twelve feet square," for example. -JBP

1356 Environment Auditory Confused din
3784 Environment Weather Coolness
693 Environment Time of Year Corn planting time
692 Environment (First level term) Corn-planting time
1362 Environment Place Corral
5368 Environment Place Cotillion Club
695 Environment Place Cottonfield
5667 Environment Place Country club
534 Environment Place Country store
929 Environment Place Country vs city
493 Environment Public Court
5200 Environment Public Courthouse
4092 Environment Public Courtroom
4697 Environment Place Courtroom
926 Environment Natural Creek
851 Environment Natural Creek bottom
2690 Environment Atmospheric Creepy
655 Environment Place Crime scene
2018 Environment Atmospheric Crowded
4825 Environment Atmospheric Dangerous
870 Environment Atmospheric Dark
698 Environment Time of Day Dawn
1856 Environment Time of Day Daybreak
2069 Environment Time of Day Daytime
1918 Environment Domestic Space Deathbed
607 Environment Olfactory Decay
4665 Environment Place Decayed house
4613 Environment Place Decayed plantation
774 Environment Time of Year December
5306 Environment Olfactory Decomposition
699 Environment Natural Delta
951 Environment Natural Delta rivers
1437 Environment Atmospheric Dereliction
827 Environment Atmospheric Devastation
2926 Environment Natural Dew
1796 Environment Domestic Space Dilapidation
977 Environment Domestic Space Dining room
1433 Environment Time of Day Dinner
3559 Environment Natural Dirt / Earth
4804 Environment Place Dirt lane
600 Environment Place Ditch
3649 Environment Natural Ditches
3790 Environment Auditory Dog barking
3441 Environment Domestic Space Dollhouse
333 Environment (First level term) Domestic Space
1589 Environment Atmospheric Doom
3580 Environment Public Drawbridge
4377 Environment Domestic Space Drawing room
509 Environment Atmospheric Dread
3110 Environment Domestic Space Dressing room
1506 Environment Domestic Space Drive
4253 Environment Public Drugstore
3941 Environment Place Drugstore / pharmacy
1060 Environment Time of Day Dusk
1426 Environment Atmospheric Dust
3879 Environment Otherworldly Earth / the world
4504 Environment Time of Year Easter
5596 Environment Auditory Echoing
5195 Environment Time of Day Eight o'clock a.m.
5131 Environment Time of Day Eight o'clock p.m.
4787 Environment Time of Day Eleven o'clock
5149 Environment Time of Day Eleven o'clock p.m.
3150 Environment Domestic Space Empty room
5417 Environment Auditory Engine
3375 Environment Olfactory Ether
2484 Environment Time of Day Evening
1329 Environment Olfactory Evoking memory
3377 Environment Olfactory Excrement
5484 Environment Place Factory|Plant
544 Environment Time of Year Fall
4893 Environment Atmospheric Familiar
866 Environment Place Farm
881 Environment Place Farm
1229 Environment Time of Year February
3785 Environment Natural Fecundity / lushness
1023 Environment Place Field
4313 Environment Domestic Space Field
1756 Environment Public Filling Station
3429 Environment Natural Fire
5264 Environment Atmospheric Fire
5612 Environment Olfactory Fire
2114 Environment Atmospheric Firelight
3763 Environment Domestic Space Fireplace|Mantel
2538 Environment Place Fishing camp
5633 Environment Time of Day Five o'clock p.m.
3545 Environment Weather Flood
1102 Environment Olfactory Flowers
3981 Environment Natural Flowers
4202 Environment Weather Fog
489 Environment Olfactory Food
4300 Environment Auditory Footsteps
5684 Environment Time of Day Four o'clock a.m.
5198 Environment Time of Day Four o'clock p.m.
1046 Environment Place Foyer
554 Environment Place Frenchman's Bend
2040 Environment Time of Year Friday
3259 Environment Auditory Frogs
1696 Environment Place Frontier
2115 Environment Weather Frost