Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2229 Themes and Motifs Death Murder
2230 Aesthetics Language Hymn
2231 Actions Economic Frugality
2232 Themes and Motifs Death Afterlife
2233 Environment Place Railroad
2234 Environment Atmospheric Spectral
2235 Themes and Motifs Character Recklessness
2236 Themes and Motifs Objects Anchovies
2237 Themes and Motifs Memory Collective memory
2238 Relationships Commercial Boss-underling
2239 Cultural Issues Entertainment Football
2240 Environment Olfactory Smelling death
2241 Cultural Issues Migration Intraregional migration

This keyword is for characters who move out of Yoknapatawpha to another place inside the South - the "South" being defined in this instance as the former slave-holding states, including the 3 (Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland) that did not secede from the Union. The most typical instance of intraregional migration involves black characters who move to Memphis, like Versh in The Sound and the Fury.  SR

Also it can be used for characters who move into Yoknapatawpha from another place in the South. CR and JJ

2242 Cultural Issues Migration Movement to city

This keyword refers to references or descriptions of characters who move from a less urban to a more urban environment, and is equally appropriate when someone moves from Frenchman's Bend to Jefferson and when someone from Jefferson moves to Memphis or New York. SR

2244 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Recurring event, intratextual

When Faulkner refers to or re-writes an event more than once inside a single text, for example the four references to Caddy's muddy drawers in Benjy and Quentin's sections of The Sound and the Fury. SR

2245 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Recurring event, intertextual

When Faulkner in one text refers to or re-writes an event that also occurs in other text(s), for example the account of Miss Quentin climbing down the pear tree (in The Sound and the Fury) or the rain pipe (as the same event has it in the "Appendix" and The Mansion. SR

2246 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Juno
2247 Cultural Issues Labor Industrial
2248 Relationships Interracial Boss-employee
2249 Themes and Motifs Objects Magnet
2250 Actions Physical Crawling
2251 Themes and Motifs Animals Pigs
2252 Environment Natural Trees
2253 Environment Olfactory Trees
2254 Actions Moral Rationalization
2255 Actions Verbal Persuasion
2256 Relationships Intergenerational Obligation
2257 Themes and Motifs Death Deathbed
2258 Themes and Motifs Character Opportunism
2259 Actions Interaction, Social Male gathering

Added "Male gathering" to capture those moments where men gather in public spaces, like porches, stores, and on the street.--LW

2260 Actions Agricultural Cotton picking
2261 Actions Moral Exploitation
2262 Environment Public Store porch
2263 Actions Mental Fatalism
2264 Actions Emotional Passivity
2265 Themes and Motifs Death Burial
2266 Themes and Motifs Character Comforter
2267 Cultural Issues Gender Labor
2268 Cultural Issues Clothes Nightgown
2269 Themes and Motifs Objects Fish
2270 Aesthetics Description Animate/Inanimate
2271 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Movement
2272 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Luck
2273 Environment Weather Storm
2274 Environment Place Motordrome
2275 Cultural Issues Education Informal

Any time a character "learns-by-doing" or receives some type of mentorship into a trade or profession. The specific example here is Mr Buffaloe teaching Boon how to operate a car. JB

2276 Cultural Issues Land-Use Recreation

Any time a natural space becomes a place of leisure or recreation. This includes the "motordome" behind Mr Buffaloe's house, as well has land-use for picnics, campaign rallies, and fairs. JB

2277 Cultural Issues Law Motor vehicle

This keyword notes the creation and enforcement of motor vehicle laws. Notably the prohibition on automobiles by Colonel John Sartoris. JB

2278 Cultural Issues Entertainment Motoring

Any time someone goes driving for recreational reasons. JB

2279 Cultural Issues Technology Telephone
2280 Cultural Issues Race Naming

The informal names given to people of another race, especially African-Americans. In particular, names like "Uncle" or "Mammy" stand out here. This is a bit distinct from "Naming slavery" as these practices post-date enslavement. JB

2281 Environment Domestic Space Garage

Any structure used for the storage of a motor vehicle. In The Reivers this is continuously referred to as the "carriage house", but since it is now an automobile that it houses, I am calling it a garage. This might be more useful for scholars than carriage house. JB

2282 Actions Moral Scheming

Any action that plots or plans to gain a material or social advantage over someone through immoral means. This is separate from economic scheming, which is often directly tied to a commercial situation. It is also not like deception, because the deception has not happened yet. The specific example is Boon "scheming" to take out the car, but there are other instances of characters ratiocinating or plotting to do so. JB

2283 Actions Perceptual Spying

Any time a character or characters looks at someone or something while attempting to remain undetected. JB

2284 Aesthetics Language Hee hee hee
2285 Cultural Issues Clothes Motoring clothes

Clothes that people wear when they go for a drive. JB

2286 Actions Interaction, Social Gentleman's agreement

Set of non-legally binding norms and values between two men. Distinct from Noblesse Oblige this is not class based, but gender based. Faulkner also uses this ironically at times. JB

2287 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Expression

Any common expression, saying, or proverb that Faulkner uses. For example, "cat on a hot stove" or "sticks out like a horse in a duck pond." JB

2288 Actions Bodily Spitting
2289 Cultural Issues Modernity Speed

Any time characters experience new speeds as a result of modernization. This could be speeds achieved by car, train, or flight, but also more abstract speeds like the speed of communication due to the telephone. The specific example is when Lucius Priest accidentally spits in his wife's face while motoring. JB

2290 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Ford, Henry
2291 Aesthetics Language Profanity

Any time a character uses profanity. JB

2292 Actions Domestic Packing
2293 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical University of Mississippi
2294 Cultural Issues Gender Changing relationships

Any time the changing norms and values surrounding gender are commented upon. JB

2295 Relationships Interracial Domestic

This term denotes significant moments in interracial relationships within the domestic sphere. This is outside of the more binary Master-Slave or Master-Servant relationship. For example, the African-American servants in the Priest household feel little compunction about yelling at Boon, a white man. This term therefore captures those moments in which domestic labor did not cut along distinctly racial lines, although they do have a racial charge. JB

2296 Themes and Motifs Values Virtue
2297 Actions Emotional Hurried
2298 Cultural Issues Sexuality Promiscuity
2299 Actions Bodily Losing weight
2300 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Faustus
2301 Cultural Issues Technology Car
2302 Actions Bodily Blinking
2303 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Recreation
2304 Themes and Motifs Time Just in time

Whenever a character arrives or performs an action, or event happens "just in time" or in the "nick of time." That is, there is narrative anticipation for time running out, but things are saved at the last moment. JB

2305 Actions Emotional Regret
2306 Environment Time of Year Planting time
2307 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography Lack of Punctuation
2308 Themes and Motifs Character Regal
2309 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Shades
2310 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Performance
2311 Cultural Issues Class Aristocratic posing
2312 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Styx
2313 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Butterfly
2314 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Illusion
2315 Aesthetics Narrative Summary
2316 Cultural Issues Clothes Trousseau
2317 Relationships Familial Aunt-nephew
2318 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Woodpile
2319 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Stage manager
2320 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Macbeth
2321 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Phoenix
2322 Themes and Motifs Appearance Beautiful/handsome
2323 Aesthetics Metafictional Picture/image
2325 Actions Verbal Telling
2326 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Lincoln, Abraham
2327 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Fort Sumter
2328 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Sacrifice
2329 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Military analogy
2330 Cultural Issues Clothes Confederate uniform