Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
4810 Relationships Interracial Companions
3721 Themes and Motifs Death Compared to living
3842 Themes and Motifs Death Compared to sleep
2068 Themes and Motifs Objects Compass
4361 Cultural Issues Law Compensation
4609 Actions Interaction, Social Competition
4176 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Competition
3933 Actions Economic Competition
4070 Relationships Familial Competition
952 Relationships Interracial Competitive
1273 Actions Verbal Complaining
1243 Themes and Motifs Appearance Complexion
1084 Actions (First level term) Composing
3027 Cultural Issues History Compromise of 1850
5208 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Compson land acquired
5207 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Compsons sell pasture
5494 Actions Mental Compulsion
5142 Actions Physical Concealing
1984 Actions Interaction, Social Concealment

Any time a character hides something from his peer group or society at large. The particular instance here is John Powell concealing his pistol from the men in the livery stable.

2174 Cultural Issues Sexuality Conception/Conceiving a child
309 Cultural Issues Slavery Concubinage
3522 Themes and Motifs Appearance Condition of heaviness
2744 Themes and Motifs Objects Condom
3620 Actions Moral Condoning
3747 Cultural Issues History Confederacy / Confederate States of America / C.S.A.
5301 Themes and Motifs Money Confederate
791 Cultural Issues War Confederate Army
5115 Environment Time of Year Confederate Decoration Day
2204 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Confederate monument
5058 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Confederate monument unveiled
5213 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Confederate raid in Memphis
2330 Cultural Issues Clothes Confederate uniform
4761 Actions Bodily Confessing without words
1143 Actions Verbal Confession
1144 Actions Legal Confession
649 Actions Moral Confession
4690 Actions Emotional Confident
2124 Environment Domestic Space Confined living quarters

Refers to when a text draws attention to the relative smallness or confined nature of where a character resides - a "single room twelve feet square," for example. -JBP

3154 Actions Physical Confining
3568 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Conflation of several possible sources

I added this to account for a Biblical allusion ("Benjamin child of mine old age") that seems to have several possible Old Testament sources, representing a kind of conflating of those sources. JBP

1037 Relationships Interracial Conflict
782 Relationships Intergenerational Conflict
1055 Relationships Marital Conflict
1012 Relationships Familial Conflict
759 Relationships Social Conflict
3598 Themes and Motifs Community Conformity
2078 Actions Interaction, Social Confrontation
1356 Environment Auditory Confused din
5127 Actions Mental Confusion
3734 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Confusion
5197 Actions Verbal Congratulating
5394 Cultural Issues Government Congress
1016 Aesthetics Narrative Conjectural narration

This is the term I came up with to describe situations where the narrator (I was thinking mainly of anonymous narrators) uses phrases like "perhaps," "probably," "might," "maybe" to weaken the certainty or authority of what's being narrated. Where, that is, the narrator hedges his bets. JW

5019 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Conrad, Joseph
2092 Themes and Motifs Values Conscience
2938 Themes and Motifs Values Conservatism

Here conservatism is meant as a value and is politically agnostic. It is roughly being used as prudence, common sense, and tradition all wrapped up in one. JB

2579 Cultural Issues Politics Conservative

In The Reivers Lucius Priest defines the various positions of Conservative, Liberal, Republican, and Democrat in the following manner: "Like this: a Republican is a man who made his money; a Liberal is a man who inherited his; a Democrat is a barefoot Liberal in a cross-country race; a Conservative is a Republican who has learned to read and write." (109) Though, these positions are hardly set in stone it is important to note the distinct separation between political outlook and political party. JB

4463 Cultural Issues Religion Consolation
3415 Actions Verbal Consoling
4940 Actions Interaction, Social Conspiracy
1707 Actions Movement Constant
4036 Cultural Issues Law Constitutional right to remain silent
5338 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Constitutive moment

A moment in a character's story when something happens that changes the arc of his or her life. For example, when in Absalom! Thomas Sutpen is turned away from the front door of that Tidewater plantation. Or in The Mansion, when Houston tells Mink Snopes he still owes the one dollar "pound fee" (28). SR

4345 Themes and Motifs Character Constitutive moment
1529 Actions Work Construction
5545 Cultural Issues Technology Construction equipment
4214 Themes and Motifs Objects Construction tools
3198 Cultural Issues Progress Consumerism
4949 Cultural Issues Economy Consumption

This term is meant to capture the buying of goods--food, staples, hardware, etc.; goods to be bought and sold. JJ

1173 Actions Mental Contemplation
3280 Aesthetics Language Contemporary slang
2606 Actions Emotional Contempt
3088 Aesthetics Narrative Contested

I created this to capture scenes when two or more characters interrupt each other's attempt to create a narrative - specifically, in the context of the way Gavin (and sometimes the Governor) seize on parts of Temple's story that she would rather not dwell on. SR

2013 Themes and Motifs Time Continuity

Any time the past is consonant with the present, or a tradition is passed on. For example, the Hampton's being Sheriffs is a historical continuity. JB

5225 Cultural Issues Economy Contract
4549 Cultural Issues Law Contract
1528 Cultural Issues Government Contract
601 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Control
3632 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Convalescence
5425 Themes and Motifs Character Conventional
794 Actions Interaction, Private Conversation
797 Actions Verbal Conversation
1470 Aesthetics Narrative Conversation with oneself
2547 Actions Interaction, Social Conversion

Whenever a religious person changes someone's mind on religion. The example here is Hightower taming Ballanbaugh's through violent conversion. JB

5277 Cultural Issues History Convict labor
4362 Themes and Motifs Character Conviction
4718 Cultural Issues Law Conviction
4815 Themes and Motifs Texts Cook book
1118 Actions Physical Cooking
1125 Actions Domestic Cooking
4568 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Coolidge, Calvin
3784 Environment Weather Coolness
1877 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Cooper, James Fenimore
4856 Themes and Motifs Community Cooperation
4379 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Corinth, Mississippi
1178 Cultural Issues Agriculture Corn
1184 Cultural Issues Land-Use Corn farming
693 Environment Time of Year Corn planting time
692 Environment (First level term) Corn-planting time
4702 Themes and Motifs Objects Corncob