Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
1198 Environment Place Sawmill
3547 Environment Public School
4995 Environment Place School, segregated
3592 Environment Natural Sea / Ocean
1276 Environment Place Seedy parts of town
5202 Environment Place Seminary
2787 Environment Time of Year September
2875 Environment Domestic Space Servants' home

For when a text draws attention to the home of a servant (not necessarily a slave quarter) - the servants' homes in "The Sound and the Fury," for instance, or maybe in "The Unvanquished." -JBP

5145 Environment Time of Day Seven o'clock p.m.
4649 Environment Atmospheric Sexual
3956 Environment Olfactory Sexual smells
3398 Environment Olfactory Shaving lotion
5130 Environment Place Sheriff's office
4187 Environment Auditory Shots
4247 Environment Place Shrubbery
3153 Environment Domestic Space Sick room

Added to denote a room being used or described as for when someone is sick. Added to refer to the "empty" room that is also where the family "has the measles" in S&F, but can be applied in other texts as well -- Addie's room in AILD, for example. -JBP

2765 Environment Public Sidewalk
803 Environment Auditory Silence
5201 Environment Auditory Siren
1987 Environment Domestic Space Sitting room
5675 Environment Time of Day Six o'clock p.m.
5676 Environment Time of Day Six o'clock p.m.
3544 Environment Natural Sky
5608 Environment Place Slave market
2026 Environment Place Slave Quarters
4450 Environment Olfactory Smelling black
2240 Environment Olfactory Smelling death
2930 Environment Olfactory Smelling trees
3575 Environment Olfactory Smelling water
4540 Environment Olfactory Smoke
2027 Environment Place Smokehouse
2747 Environment Weather Snow
4353 Environment Auditory Sound of drums
2960 Environment Place Speakeasy
2234 Environment Atmospheric Spectral
4901 Environment Atmospheric Spiritual
551 Environment Time of Year Spring
1822 Environment Natural Spring
2894 Environment Place Spring
5227 Environment Atmospheric Squalor
1020 Environment Domestic Space Stable
4838 Environment Place Stable
2610 Environment Domestic Space Stairway
3399 Environment Olfactory Starch
4018 Environment Atmospheric Starlight
2221 Environment Natural Stars
2866 Environment Atmospheric Sterile
581 Environment Atmospheric Stillness
3783 Environment Place Stone wall
491 Environment Public Store
2262 Environment Public Store porch
3496 Environment Public Store window
2273 Environment Weather Storm
2039 Environment Public Street
3574 Environment Auditory Streetcar sound
3689 Environment Atmospheric Streetlamp
5124 Environment Domestic Space Study
3507 Environment Olfactory Sulfur
611 Environment Time of Year Summer
1474 Environment Domestic Space Summer house
1786 Environment Weather Sun
1752 Environment Time of Year Sunday

This should probably go under day of the week in col. 2, but it does not exist. My thinking is that there might be days that are more pronounced in Faulkner, notably the Sabbath and Wednesday prayer. The specific example is from Monk.

4808 Environment Time of Day Sunday
2710 Environment Time of Day Sunday morning
2099 Environment Atmospheric Sunlight
5191 Environment Time of Day Sunrise
1220 Environment Time of Day Sunset
1911 Environment Weather Sunshine
706 Environment Time of Day Supper
688 Environment Domestic Space Supper table
1495 Environment Public Supply house
1595 Environment Natural Swamp
2817 Environment Olfactory Sweat
1270 Environment Place Tavern
3472 Environment Time of Day Tea
4497 Environment Public Telegraph office
3310 Environment Time of Day Ten o'clock a.m.
5148 Environment Time of Day Ten o'clock p.m.
4897 Environment Place Tent
3210 Environment Time of Year Thanksgiving
5194 Environment Time of Day Three o'clock a.m.
1943 Environment Atmospheric Thunder
3163 Environment Time of Year Thursday
3736 Environment Natural Tide flat / marsh
339 Environment (First level term) Time of Day
340 Environment (First level term) Time of Year
3396 Environment Olfactory Tobacco
5594 Environment Atmospheric Torch-light
4043 Environment Public Town hall
1038 Environment Public Town Square
3791 Environment Auditory Train sound
2769 Environment Public Train Station/Train depot
2929 Environment Auditory Tree / leaves
2252 Environment Natural Trees
2253 Environment Olfactory Trees
5122 Environment Time of Year Tuesday
500 Environment Time of Day Twilight
3595 Environment Atmospheric Twinkling
5664 Environment Time of Day Two o'clock a.m.
5638 Environment Time of Day Two o'clock p.m.