Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
4807 Environment Auditory Car|truck movement
4808 Environment Time of Day Sunday
4825 Environment Atmospheric Dangerous
4834 Environment Place Campsite
4838 Environment Place Stable
4840 Environment Place Military camp
4843 Environment Place Haystack
4850 Environment Time of Year Christmas, figuratively

Any time someone refers to Christmas in relation to it being a particularly auspicious day. In this case, it is being used by "Uncle Willy" to describe when he'll be in California (242). JB

4862 Environment Olfactory Gunpowder
4873 Environment Place Commisary
4874 Environment Place Newspaper office
4893 Environment Atmospheric Familiar
4897 Environment Place Tent
4898 Environment Auditory Boat
4901 Environment Atmospheric Spiritual
4902 Environment Domestic Space House
4909 Environment Atmospheric Meteor shower
4943 Environment Place Old Jefferson
4944 Environment Place Okatoba
4946 Environment Place Indian agency
4957 Environment Place History

I created this keyword to depict when a history of a specific location is given whether it is the jail in Jefferson or the McCaslin planation. JJ

4983 Environment Place Yoknapatawpha Beat
4984 Environment Place Mill
4988 Environment Place Quarters
4995 Environment Place School, segregated
5000 Environment Place Blacksmith shop
5099 Environment Atmospheric Peaceful
5104 Environment Atmospheric Haunted
5115 Environment Time of Year Confederate Decoration Day
5122 Environment Time of Year Tuesday
5124 Environment Domestic Space Study
5130 Environment Place Sheriff's office
5131 Environment Time of Day Eight o'clock p.m.
5132 Environment Time of Day Saturday morning
5145 Environment Time of Day Seven o'clock p.m.
5148 Environment Time of Day Ten o'clock p.m.
5149 Environment Time of Day Eleven o'clock p.m.
5150 Environment Place Orphanage
5170 Environment Time of Year Mid-week
5175 Environment Natural Valley
5181 Environment Place Monastery
5191 Environment Time of Day Sunrise
5193 Environment Time of Year Wednesday
5194 Environment Time of Day Three o'clock a.m.
5195 Environment Time of Day Eight o'clock a.m.
5198 Environment Time of Day Four o'clock p.m.
5200 Environment Public Courthouse
5201 Environment Auditory Siren
5202 Environment Place Seminary
5221 Environment Place Boundary
5227 Environment Atmospheric Squalor
5241 Environment Time of Year Between planting and harvesting
5244 Environment Time of Year Harvest
5246 Environment Time of Year Between harvesting and planting
5258 Environment Place Gambling house
5264 Environment Atmospheric Fire
5269 Environment Olfactory Milk
5286 Environment Atmospheric Bleak
5287 Environment Weather Ice
5306 Environment Olfactory Decomposition
5310 Environment Public Airfield
5320 Environment Time of Year April Fool's
5339 Environment Atmospheric Burgeoning
5357 Environment Time of Year Valentine's Day
5368 Environment Place Cotillion Club
5400 Environment Place Artist's studio
5417 Environment Auditory Engine
5484 Environment Place Factory|Plant
5485 Environment Natural Beach
5508 Environment Public Park
5513 Environment Place Pawn shop
5582 Environment Place Negro district
5594 Environment Atmospheric Torch-light
5596 Environment Auditory Echoing
5608 Environment Place Slave market
5612 Environment Olfactory Fire
397 Relationships (First level term) Ancestral
398 Relationships (First level term) Civic
399 Relationships (First level term) Commercial
400 Relationships (First level term) Familial
402 Relationships (First level term) Institutional
403 Relationships (First level term) Interracial
404 Relationships (First level term) Romantic
405 Relationships (First level term) Social
477 Relationships (First level term) Friendship
478 Relationships (First level term) Hierarchical
479 Relationships (First level term) Intergenerational
480 Relationships (First level term) Interspecies
481 Relationships (First level term) Marital
482 Relationships (First level term) Sexual
496 Relationships Familial Uncle-nephew
514 Relationships Familial Father-son
537 Relationships Commercial Customer relations
540 Relationships Commercial Employer-employee
545 Relationships Romantic Courtship
547 Relationships Social Homosocial rivalry
560 Relationships Marital Shotgun marriage
565 Relationships Familial Father-daughter
568 Relationships Familial Kinless
597 Relationships Social Adversarial