Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
3134 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Superstitions
706 Environment Time of Day Supper
688 Environment Domestic Space Supper table
1495 Environment Public Supply house
5446 Themes and Motifs Community Supportive
5285 Relationships Familial Support|Neglect
4073 Actions Mental Suppression / trying not to think
3844 Themes and Motifs Appearance Surface
3045 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Surgery
3046 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Surgical castration
1489 Actions Emotional Surprise
763 Cultural Issues War Surrender
3187 Cultural Issues History Surrender at Appomattox
1647 Themes and Motifs Objects Surrey
2550 Actions Movement Surrey
1562 Relationships Familial Surrogate
1300 Actions Perceptual Surveillance
5270 Aesthetics Narrative Suspended|Resumed
4107 Aesthetics Narrative Suspense
2381 Actions Emotional Suspicion
4886 Themes and Motifs Death Suspicious
5057 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Sutpen rejects KKK
5052 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Sutpen's arrival
2088 Themes and Motifs Character Swagger
3967 Actions Bodily Swallowing
4503 Themes and Motifs Animals Swallows
3741 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Swallows
1595 Environment Natural Swamp
2426 Actions Communication Swearing
2734 Actions Verbal Swearing
2817 Environment Olfactory Sweat
1431 Actions Bodily Sweating
3993 Actions Perceptual Sweetness
1749 Actions Movement Swimming
4090 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Swine
2975 Themes and Motifs Objects Swing
1925 Themes and Motifs Objects Sword
2784 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Sword
1101 Aesthetics (First level term) Symbolism
4255 Themes and Motifs Body Symbolism

This term refers to the body itself being referred to symbolically, as when in AILD Peabody says death is "no more than a single family or tenant moving out of a tenement or a town" or the subadar in "Ad Astra" referring to the body as "a room in the inn . . . where we hide for a little while" (420). CR

3392 Actions Emotional Sympathy
3151 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Synesthesia

For when description in a text merges sensory perceptions. Added for when Benjy in S&F describes "hearing it getting night ... hearing it getting dark." -JBP

4135 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Syria
4046 Themes and Motifs Objects Table
1973 Aesthetics Description Tableau
4748 Themes and Motifs Community Taboos
4122 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Taft, President
887 Actions Work Tailor
2479 Actions Physical Taking
3049 Actions Economic Taking without paying

Somewhat distinct from stealing; this is for when someone confiscates, keeps, or otherwise takes something for which payment might ordinarily be expected. (The incident of the golfer keeping the golf ball that Luster tries to sell to him, for example.) -JBP

2367 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Talisman
753 Actions Verbal Talking
501 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Tall tale
5083 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Tallahatchie River
2566 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Tamerlane
5643 Themes and Motifs Objects Tankard
4931 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Tarleton, Banastre
2076 Themes and Motifs Objects Tarpaulin
4929 Cultural Issues Clothes Tartan
3458 Cultural Issues Gender Taste
2921 Actions Perceptual Tasting
637 Actions Verbal Taunt
1270 Environment Place Tavern
1216 Cultural Issues Politics Taxes
4724 Cultural Issues Government Taxes, local
4654 Actions Movement Taxi
1875 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Taylor, Jeremy
3472 Environment Time of Day Tea
3477 Themes and Motifs Objects Tea
3550 Actions Interaction, Social Teacher-class of students
3549 Actions Interaction, Private Teacher-student
741 Relationships Hierarchical Teacher-student
1578 Actions Work Teaching
1610 Actions Hunting Teaching
1644 Actions Domestic Teaching
2111 Actions Verbal Teasing
1665 Cultural Issues Progress Technological
4189 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Technological imagery
446 Cultural Issues (First level term) Technology
3905 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Tedious / tedium
2003 Themes and Motifs Body Teeth
1926 Themes and Motifs Character Teetotaler
2774 Cultural Issues Alcohol Teetotaling

Teetotaling as a cultural issue or as a personal moral or habitual choice. This is different than "teetotaler" under character, which is the defining character trait of that person. The example here is Minnie in The Reivers who works in a brothel, but is a teetotaler because she is a "damn christian scientist or republican or something" (153). In this sense, it is not her defining character trait. JB

3000 Themes and Motifs Texts Telegram
5384 Cultural Issues Technology Telegraph
2350 Actions Communication Telegraph
4496 Cultural Issues Progress Telegraph
4497 Environment Public Telegraph office
2373 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Telepathy
801 Cultural Issues Mass Media Telephone
1415 Actions Communication Telephone
2279 Cultural Issues Technology Telephone
1664 Cultural Issues Technology Television
3034 Cultural Issues Entertainment Television
2325 Actions Verbal Telling
5064 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Temple at Goodwin's
5065 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Temple at Reba's
5062 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Temple leaves train
5066 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Temple testifying
4445 Aesthetics Narrative Temporal discontinuity

When narrative relates events in achronological order, i.e. event3 followed by event1 followed by event2, etc. Cf. opening paragraph of Sanctuary. SR