Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
2522 Cultural Issues History Battle of Bull Run
4386 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Chickamauga
4389 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Corinth
4928 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Culloden Moor
4387 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Franklin
5046 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Battle of Jefferson
4451 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Lookout Mountain
5082 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Resaca
4442 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Ronceavaux Pass
4575 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Second Manassas
5020 Cultural Issues History Battle of Shiloh|Pittsburg Landing
4388 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Vicksburg
5218 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Bayard and the lost generation
5029 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Bayard avenges Johnny
5485 Environment Natural Beach
3001 Cultural Issues Entertainment Beach resort
4506 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee
734 Themes and Motifs Animals Bear
715 Actions Hunting Bear hunting

Event refers specifically to BEAR hunting. JP

4185 Cultural Issues Food Bear meat
5189 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Beardsley
3387 Actions Violent Beating
3433 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Beauregard, P. G. T.
2322 Themes and Motifs Appearance Beautiful/handsome
1826 Cultural Issues Clothes Beaver hat
3994 Themes and Motifs Animals Beavers
3276 Themes and Motifs Objects Bed
778 Environment Domestic Space Bedroom
4623 Environment Place Bedroom
2667 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Beelzebub
2575 Cultural Issues Alcohol Beer
2685 Environment Auditory Bees
4111 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Beethoven, Ludwig van
1126 Actions Verbal Begging
4816 Cultural Issues Race Behaving "white"
4636 Cultural Issues Race Behaving/becoming "black"

This tag is used when a white character's appearance or behavior is associated with "blackness." Examples: when Jason Compson says in The Sound and the Fury that Miss Quentin's promiscuous behavior means she is "acting like a nigger" (181) or when Vardaman Bundren notes how his brother Cash's injured foot and his brother Jewel's burned back are turning black, "like a nigger's foot" or back (224). The trope isn't simply descriptive: it implies a loss of status, a threat to one's racial identity.

3166 Themes and Motifs Time Being in time

Added to mark those moments when Quentin Compson explicitly refers to being "in" time -- subject to it, existing within it and unable to stop or evade its progression. This is opposite of course to those moments when he is "outside" of time and all that entails. JBP

3294 Themes and Motifs Time Being late / tardiness
3293 Themes and Motifs Time Being on time / punctuality
3167 Themes and Motifs Time Being outside of time
4855 Actions Physical Being pursued
3367 Cultural Issues Education Being well read / erudite
1982 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Belatedness
3611 Actions Mental Believing
1988 Environment Auditory Bells
4374 Themes and Motifs Home Belonging
5169 Cultural Issues Clothes Belt
4340 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Ben-Hur
1122 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Benjamin
5034 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Benjy accosts schoolgirl
5611 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Benjy castrated
5204 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Benjy committed
5036 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Benjy's name changed
3397 Environment Olfactory Benzene
4392 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Bertrand du Guesclin
4085 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Bestial imagery
2736 Actions Emotional Betrayal
3777 Actions Play Betting
5246 Environment Time of Year Between harvesting and planting
5241 Environment Time of Year Between planting and harvesting
4310 Actions Emotional Bewilderment
3850 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Beyond

I added this keyword to mark places where a character or text contemplates or imagines exceeding ordinary or usual boundaries. Specifically, this was added for when Quentin starts imagining "a hell beyond that" for him and Caddy. It can be used when "beyond" or a similar construction is used in figurative ways. JBP

4726 Environment Otherworldly Beyond living world passim
1388 Themes and Motifs Objects Bible
1471 Cultural Issues Religion Bible
4818 Themes and Motifs Texts Bible
4331 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Bible verse on children
3323 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Bible verse on sparrows
3569 Aesthetics Language Biblical
303 Cultural Issues Slavery Biblical analogy
293 Cultural Issues Slavery Biblical curse
4422 Actions Movement Bicycle
3709 Actions Verbal Bidding farewell / Saying goodbye
4888 Cultural Issues Migration Big Bottom
288 Cultural Issues Slavery Big house vs quarters
1168 Relationships Marital Bigamy
3674 Themes and Motifs Money Bill
1142 Cultural Issues Law Bill of sale
5482 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Biloxi, Mississippi
1821 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Bird
3321 Actions Non-human Bird flying
4011 Actions Hunting Bird hunting
3319 Actions Non-human Bird watching a human
1393 Themes and Motifs Animals Birds
2488 Environment Auditory Birdsong
4269 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Birmingham, Alabama
3618 Actions Bodily Birth / Being born
3040 Cultural Issues Sexuality Birth control
4710 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Birth defect
2209 Cultural Issues Ritual Birthday
2210 Cultural Issues Food Birthday cake
2338 Cultural Issues Class Birthright
3011 Themes and Motifs Animals Bison
3748 Cultural Issues Gender Bitch
4397 Cultural Issues War Bivouac fires
5418 Cultural Issues Race Black body

Whenever a Black body is described or there is a touch between a White body and Black body. For example, the unnamed narrator describing Job's body in "Uncle Willy": "he felt like a handful of scrawny dried sticks" (246).

2948 Cultural Issues Race Black family working for white
5413 Cultural Issues Race Black foresight

Any time a black character appears to have a premonition or intuition about how events will play out. I'm thinking her of Job in "Uncle Willy" who melancholically tags along even though he knows things will end badly. The same could be said for any number of Black servants who are forced to entertain their master's fancies. Dilsey is another example. JB

3116 Cultural Issues Race Black incarceration
996 Cultural Issues Race Black property ownership