Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
506 Despair Emotional
508 Grief Emotional
519 Speculation Verbal
523 Prosecuting Work
531 Defeat Moral
550 Fighting Violent
552 Voyeurism Perceptual
553 Flight Movement
558 Rumor Verbal
563 Threat Verbal
575 Uncertainty Mental
605 Cursing Verbal
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
507 Community collective Group Mentality

We created this term to denote any instance in which the community operates as a social body, collectively self-organizing to think or do something. Sometimes, this may be simply believing an idea collectively and, at others, it may entail acting together as in the crowd at the horse auction of The Hamlet. JC and JJ

511 Trial Law
512 Racism Prejudice
513 Harvard Education
515 Heidelberg Education
518 Law school Education
524 Tenantry|Share-cropping Economy

There are significant differences between "share-cropping" and "tenant farming" in reality. "Tenants" typically furnished their own farming tools and livestock, and had at least a measure of control over what crops they planted on land they rented from a landlord; "share-croppers" typically only contributed their own labor, with the landlord dictating what they would raise and providing the animals and tools they used. But in his fiction Faulkner does not maintain this distinction, using the terms as essentially synonymous. SR

526 Rape Violence
529 Menial Labor
532 Predatory practices Economy
535 Death War
541 Spinsterhood Age
542 Mistrial Law
543 Attractiveness Sexuality
546 Law Race
548 Acquittal Law
549 Apron Clothes
555 Undressing Clothes
556 Bargaining Economy
561 Women Gender
562 Respectability Class
564 Pregnant out of wedlock Sexuality
567 Mob behavior Group Mentality
569 Bootlegging Alcohol
572 White supremacy Prejudice
574 Testimony Law
577 Gambling Economy
579 Shabby Clothes
582 Illegitimacy Sexuality
585 Masculinity Gender
590 Generational reform Government
592 Theft|Robbery Crime
596 Forgery Crime
599 Auction Economy
602 Rural Identity, Cultural
Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
509 Dread Atmospheric
525 Architecture Domestic Space
534 Country store Place
544 Fall Time of Year
551 Spring Time of Year
554 Frenchman's Bend Place
557 Rural Place
559 Monday morning Time of Day
570 Barn Place
578 Kitchen Domestic Space
581 Stillness Atmospheric
589 Memphis Place
600 Ditch Place
603 Moonlit Atmospheric
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
510 Loyalty Values
517 Advent Arrivals/Departures
521 Past Time
522 Intestines Body
528 Hog Animals
530 Fence Objects
533 Justice Philosophical
536 Ethics Philosophical
538 Ambitious Character
539 Tradition Community
571 Communal mythology Story-telling
573 Secrecy Arrivals/Departures

This term is for occasions when people leave a place in order to hide something from their neighbors, as when Flem and Eula go to Texas so that the birth of her illegitimate child can be kept secret from the population of Frenchman's Bend. SR

576 Return Arrivals/Departures
580 Nickname Naming
583 Hair Body
584 Eyes Body
587 Pistol Objects
588 Razor Objects
591 Truth/Lies Values
593 Cattle Animals
594 Wildness Chaos/Order
595 Horses Animals
601 Control Chaos/Order
606 Wild horses Animals
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
514 Father-son Familial
537 Customer relations Commercial
540 Employer-employee Commercial
545 Courtship Romantic
547 Homosocial rivalry Social
560 Shotgun marriage Marital
565 Father-daughter Familial
568 Kinless Familial
597 Adversarial Social
604 Mother-daughter Familial
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
516 Italics Typography/Orthography
520 Gothic Genre Conventions
527 People compared to animals Figures of Speech
586 Communal narrative Narrative
598 Handwriting Typography/Orthography