Virginia in the Civil War (Location Key)


Mississippi was in the western theater of the Civil War, but quite a few of Faulkner's characters fight in the eastern theater, perhaps so that their creator could bring the most famous Confederate generals - Lee, Jackson, Stuart - into his story of Yoknapatawpha. The character who appears first as Virginius MacCallum and then as Anse McCallum travels to Lexington, Virginia, to enlist in Jackson's brigade, and John Sartoris and the regiment he raises from Yoknapatawpha do their fighting under Lee, though Sartoris retreats to Mississippi and fights there and in Tennessee after his men replace him in command with Sutpen. John's brother, the first Bayard Sartoris, serves with Stuart in the War, and dies during a pointless raid near Manassas, Virginia. That event, which is told in Flags in the Dust, describes actual combat in more detail than any other text, and even then it is an atypical example of a Civil War battle. There is very little direct representation of the War in the fictions, although the 7 texts that reference the fighting in Virginia mention Richmond as capital of the Confederacy, as well as First and Second Manassas|Bull Run, Jackson's Valley campaign, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness and Appomattox.

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Virginia in the Civil War
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Virginia in the Civil War