Flags in the Dust (Text Key 217)


This was Faulkner's third novel, and the first he ever wrote about Yoknapatawpha, although at this early stage he called the county "Yocona." He began writing it in late 1926. It has been published in three different versions, which also have two different names: Sartoris and Flags in the Dust. After being rejected by eleven publishers, the book was accepted by Harcourt, Brace, on the condition that about a fourth of the manuscript be cut. The excisions were made by Ben Wasson, Faulkner's agent, and the shortened text published with the title Sartoris on 31 January 1929. In 1973, Douglas Day re-edited the book from the surviving typescript, restoring the cut passages and adding one from the published Sartoris. This edition, published by Random House, also restored Faulkner's original title, Flags in the Dust. In 2006 Noel Polk established third version, also titled Flags in the Dust but differing in some respects from Day's edition; this was published in the Library of America volume William Faulkner: Novels 1926-1929. In 2012, the current publishers of Faulkner's fiction, Random House/Vintage International, chose to replace Day's edition with Polk's, making it the only version of the novel presently in print. For this reason, the Polk "corrected" text is the one on which this digital re-presentation is based.

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Harcourt Brace
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New York
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Vintage International
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New York
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