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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort descending
Mrs. Lucius Peabody Flags in the Dust Peabody, Mrs. Peripheral view
Unnamed College Widow The Sound and the Fury Unnamed College Widow Peripheral view
Armstead Intruder in the Dust Armstead Armed Forces Peripheral view
General John Pemberton "Ambuscade" Pemberton, General John Armed Forces Peripheral view
Mother of Lucius Priest I The Reivers Priest, Great-Grandmother Peripheral view
Issetibbeha "A Name for the City" Issetibbeha Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Women "A Rose for Emily" Unnamed Negro Women Peripheral view
Unnamed Third Goat Owner "Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard" Unnamed Third Goat Owner Farming Peripheral view
Grimm, Second Wife of Eustice's Father The Hamlet Grimm, Second Wife of Eustice's Father Peripheral view
Unnamed Parents of Hightower's Mother Light in August Unnamed Parents of Hightower's Mother Peripheral view
Will Varner "Shingles for the Lord" Varner, Will Management Peripheral view
General Joseph Johnston Flags in the Dust Johnston, Joseph Armed Forces Peripheral view
Melisandre Backus Stevens "By the People" Stevens, Mrs. Peripheral view
Unnamed Revenue Officers and Deputies Go Down, Moses Unnamed Revenue Officers and Deputies Administrative Peripheral view
Stevens, Grandfather of Gavin Light in August Stevens, Grandfather of Gavin Peripheral view
Jack Dempsey Go Down, Moses Dempsey, Jack Other Peripheral view
General Grant Light in August Grant, General Ulysses S. Armed Forces Peripheral view
General Joseph Johnston The Reivers Johnston, General Joe Armed Forces Peripheral view
McKellogg Boy "Two Soldiers" McKellogg, Son of Colonel and Mrs. Peripheral view
Unnamed Someone 4 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Someone(3) Peripheral view
Unnamed Federal Army Provost-Marshal 2 Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Federal Army Provost-Marshal Armed Forces Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Youngsters Light in August Unnamed Negro Youngsters Peripheral view
Unnamed Watchman The Unvanquished Unnamed Watchman Armed Forces Peripheral view
Mister Joe Butler Flags in the Dust Butler, Joe Peripheral view
Gavin Stevens "The Tall Men" Stevens, Gavin Professional Peripheral view
Unnamed Grandfather of Gerald Bland The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Grandfather of Gerald Bland Peripheral view
Jason Lycurgus Compson II The Mansion Compson, General Armed Forces Peripheral view
First Yoknapatawpha Stevens Light in August Stevens, Ancestor of Gavin Peripheral view
Unnamed John with Bobbie Light in August Unnamed John with Bobbie Peripheral view
Unnamed Local Negroes Go Down, Moses Unnamed Local Negroes Peripheral view
Jefferson Davis The Unvanquished Davis, Jefferson Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Justice of the Peace 11 The Mansion Unnamed Justice of the Peace Administrative Peripheral view
Lucius Priest II's Son The Reivers Priest, Son of Lucius II Peripheral view
Unc Few Mitchell The Unvanquished Mitchell, Unc Few Peripheral view
John Keats Go Down, Moses Keats, John Other Peripheral view
Unnamed Sheriff 11 "A Point of Law" Unnamed Sheriff Administrative Secondary view
Melissa Meek "Appendix: Compson" Meek, Melissa Professional Secondary view
Jim Gant "Miss Zilphia Gant" Gant, Jim Sales and Service Secondary view
Charles Mallison II "Tomorrow" Mallison, Charles II Secondary view
Unnamed Woman in Red Dress Sanctuary Unnamed Woman in Red Dress Secondary view
Theophilus McCaslin 1 The Unvanquished McCaslin, Uncle Buck Management Secondary view
Unnamed Matron of Memphis Orphanage Light in August Unnamed Matron of the Memphis Orphanage Administrative Secondary view
Comyn "Ad Astra" Comyn Armed Forces Secondary view
Mrs. Armstid The Hamlet Armstid, Mrs. Henry Farming Secondary view
Hub Flags in the Dust Hub Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Hunters 4 Go Down, Moses Unnamed Younger Generation of Hunters Secondary view
Loosh "Retreat" Loosh Secondary view
Sheriff Watt Kennedy Light in August Kennedy, Sheriff Watt Administrative Secondary view
Milly Jones "Wash" Jones, Milly Secondary view
Herbert Head The Sound and the Fury Head, Sydney Herbert Administrative Secondary view
Unnamed Enslaved Butler Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Enslaved Butler Secondary view
Unnamed Sister of Herman Basket "A Courtship" Unnamed Sister of Herman Basket Secondary view
Captain Warren "Knight's Gambit" Warren, Captain Farming Secondary view
Theophilus McCaslin 1 Go Down, Moses McCaslin, Buck Management Secondary view
Maury Bascomb The Sound and the Fury Bascomb, Maury L. Secondary view
Bayard Sartoris I Flags in the Dust Sartoris, (Carolina) Bayard Armed Forces Secondary view
Caroline White Sartoris Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Caroline White Secondary view
Unnamed "Good Women in Jefferson" "Uncle Willy" Unnamed "Good Women in Jefferson" Secondary view
Calvin Burden I Light in August Burden, Calvin I Secondary view
Mr. Holland 1 "Tomorrow" Holland, Mr. Secondary view
Minnie The Reivers Minnie Domestic Service Secondary view
Ailanthia "Elly" Ailanthia Secondary view
Matt Levitt The Town Levitt, Matt Transportation Secondary view
Cornelia Mardis Holland "Smoke" Holland, Cornelia Mardis Secondary view
Louvinia "Ambuscade" Louvinia Secondary view
Unnamed Enslaved Grandmother|Mother of Sam Fathers "A Justice" Unnamed Enslaved Mother of Sam Fathers Secondary view
Bayard Sartoris III "Ad Astra" Sartoris Armed Forces Secondary view
Virgil Beard Flags in the Dust Beard, Virgil Secondary view
Will Legate Go Down, Moses Legate, Will Secondary view
Isaac Snopes The Hamlet Snopes, Ike Domestic Service Secondary view
Unnamed Grand Jury Foreman 1 "Smoke" Unnamed Grand Jury Foreman Secondary view
Shreve MacKenzie|McCannon The Sound and the Fury MacKenzie, Shreve Secondary view
Birdsong "Pantaloon in Black" Birdsong Production Secondary view
Unnamed Members of Mob Intruder in the Dust Unnamed Members of Mob Secondary view
Unnamed Grandmother of Popeye Sanctuary Unnamed Grandmother of Popeye Sales and Service Secondary view
Amodeus (Buddy) McCaslin Go Down, Moses McCaslin, Buddy Management Secondary view
Versh Gibson The Sound and the Fury Gibson, Versh Domestic Service Secondary view
Maggie Stevens Mallison The Town Mallison, Maggie Secondary view
Clytemnestra Absalom, Absalom! Clytemnestra Secondary view
Unnamed Mother in Beyond "Beyond" Unnamed Mother in Beyond Secondary view
Brother Fortinbride "The Unvanquished" Fortinbride, Brother Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Federal Commissioner "A Point of Law" Unnamed Federal Commissioner Administrative Secondary view
Unnamed Slaves at Sutpen's "Wash" Unnamed Slaves at Sutpen's Secondary view
Unnamed Painter "Miss Zilphia Gant" Unnamed Painter Production Secondary view
Otis The Reivers Otis Secondary view
Wilmoth "Go Down, Moses" Wilmoth, Mr. Other Secondary view
Louvinia The Unvanquished Louvinia Secondary view
Mrs. Quentin Compson II "Skirmish at Sartoris" Compson, Mrs. Secondary view
Wesley Pritchel "An Error in Chemistry" Pritchel, Wesley Farming Secondary view
Jim 1 "Fool About a Horse" Jim Sales and Service Secondary view
Admiral Dewey Snopes "Spotted Horses" Snopes, Ad Secondary view
Ab Snopes The Unvanquished Snopes, Ab Criminal Secondary view
Ab Snopes "Vendee" Snopes, Ab Other Secondary view
Rufus Pruitt "Tomorrow" Pruitt, Rufus Farming Secondary view
Rafe MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Raphael Semmes Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Granddaughter of James Beauchamp Go Down, Moses Unnamed Mistress of Edmonds|Granddaughter of James Beauchamp Professional Secondary view
Dicey|Negro Midwife "Wash" Dicey Domestic Service Secondary view
George Wilkins "Gold Is Not Always" Wilkins, George Farming Secondary view
Ad "Lion" Ad Domestic Service Secondary view
Thomas Jefferson Pettigrew Requiem for a Nun Pettigrew, Thomas Jefferson Administrative Secondary view


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