Lon Quick I

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Lon Quick I
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Quick, Lon I
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There are several Quicks living in Frenchman's Bend - Faulkner scholars don't agree on how many. To Brooks, Solon and Lon Quick are one character. Dasher and Kirk, on the other hand, separate them into two characters, which is what we also do in our data. And it is not absolutely clear how to disambiguate Lon Sr. and his son Lon Jr., or as another character puts it in As I Lay Dying, where the family first appears, "Big Lon I mean, not little Lon" (161). This entry is for Lon Sr. In the texts where he appears, he is described variously as a farmer, a sawmill operator, or the local constable. In none of these occupations or texts does he play a significant role, but in two of them he bids on one of the wild ponies, and in one - As I Lay Dying - it seems that he actually managed to hold on to it before selling it to Jewel Bundren.