Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
917 Environment Atmospheric Night
918 Themes and Motifs Objects Steamboat
919 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Hitler, Adolph
920 Environment Domestic Space Porch
921 Cultural Issues Global Pacific Ocean
922 Relationships Familial Sister-sister
923 Cultural Issues Age Adolescence
924 Cultural Issues Gender Southern woman
925 Themes and Motifs Animals Raccoon
926 Environment Natural Creek
928 Actions Movement Boat
929 Environment Place Country vs city
930 Aesthetics Diction Neologism

This keyword can be used for terms and words invented by Faulkner, including portmanteau words, hyphenated words (e.g., "ax-squared"), non-hyphenated words (e.g., "deathcolored"), onomatopoeic words, or other similar constructions. Not all hyphenated words would qualify as a neologism, such as "mud-caked" or "three-foot-high" which are too commonplace to qualify as neologisms. -CR

931 Themes and Motifs Death Funeral
932 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Hyperbole
933 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography Underlining
934 Cultural Issues Entertainment Poker game
935 Cultural Issues War Patriotism
936 Actions Perceptual Seeing
937 Actions Play Gambling
938 Actions Physical Pursuit
939 Themes and Motifs Animals Ownership
940 Cultural Issues Crime Breaking and entering
941 Themes and Motifs Objects Brass
942 Environment Place Office
943 Actions Violent Vengeance
944 Actions Verbal Listen
945 Themes and Motifs Death Response to
946 Relationships Interracial White-black
947 Aesthetics Intertextuality Shakespeare
948 Cultural Issues Region Lost Cause
949 Actions Interaction, Social Marriage
950 Actions Emotional Exasperation
951 Environment Natural Delta rivers
952 Relationships Interracial Competitive
953 Actions Bodily Bleeding
954 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Hunter
955 Themes and Motifs Objects Heirloom
956 Actions Bodily Grinning
957 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Aztec tribes
958 Cultural Issues Progress Clearing the land
959 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Polynesian tribes
960 Cultural Issues Nationality Japanese
961 Cultural Issues Religion Godhead
962 Cultural Issues Law Police
963 Cultural Issues War Return
964 Actions Verbal Arguing
965 Relationships Familial Parents-children
966 Aesthetics Style Character portrait
967 Actions Interaction, Private Rivalry
968 Cultural Issues Crime Making whisky
969 Cultural Issues Crime Manslaughter
970 Actions Bodily Idleness
971 Actions Verbal Dialogue
972 Cultural Issues Land-Use Cotton farming
973 Relationships Commercial Landlord-tenant
974 Cultural Issues Labor Racialized
975 Actions Emotional Jealousy
976 Actions Interaction, Social Leadership
977 Environment Domestic Space Dining room
978 Cultural Issues War World War I
979 Aesthetics Diction Rural vernacular
980 Cultural Issues Progress Trains
981 Actions Mental Understanding
982 Aesthetics Narrative Repetition
983 Cultural Issues Land-Use Aboriginal
984 Environment Domestic Space Racial confusion
985 Themes and Motifs Death Indian burial practices
986 Actions Work Law enforcement
987 Relationships Ancestral Indian
988 Themes and Motifs Death Execution
989 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Jailbreak
990 Cultural Issues Crime Penalty for
991 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype sweat
993 Cultural Issues War Draft
994 Environment Domestic Space Race
995 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Relocation
996 Cultural Issues Race Black property ownership
997 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Roosevelt, Franklin D.
998 Aesthetics Tone Humorous
999 Themes and Motifs Animals Panther
1000 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Vanishing Indian
1001 Themes and Motifs Objects Watch
1002 Themes and Motifs Animals Wildcats
1003 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Insight
1004 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Minstrelsy
1005 Environment Place Railroad log line
1006 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Freedom
1007 Cultural Issues Race White savior
1008 Environment Domestic Space Backyard
1009 Cultural Issues Law Witness
1010 Cultural Issues Labor Farming
1011 Cultural Issues Law Legal issue
1012 Relationships Familial Conflict
1013 Relationships Marital Spousal privilege
1014 Cultural Issues Law Spousal privilege
1016 Aesthetics Narrative Conjectural narration

This is the term I came up with to describe situations where the narrator (I was thinking mainly of anonymous narrators) uses phrases like "perhaps," "probably," "might," "maybe" to weaken the certainty or authority of what's being narrated. Where, that is, the narrator hedges his bets. JW

1017 Actions Movement Driving
1018 Cultural Issues Economy Self-sufficiency
1019 Environment Domestic Space Gate