Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
1265 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical France
5380 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Francesca
5434 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Franco, Francisco
1909 Cultural Issues Crime Fratricide
4809 Relationships Familial Fratricide
4485 Actions Moral Fraud
5316 Cultural Issues Crime Fraud

This type of fraud is distinct from action: moral :: fraud in the sense that there are legal consequences. The specific example here is from "Death Drag" where Ginsfarb has a plane that is unlicensed and purchased a license from another plane that was allowed to fly thereby "compound[ing] another felony" (194). JHB

2849 Aesthetics Narrative Free indirect discourse
4453 Cultural Issues Religion Free Will
315 Cultural Issues Slavery Freedom
1006 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Freedom
3093 Themes and Motifs Past Freedom from it
5559 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Freedom of choice
2162 Actions Physical Freeing
5188 Cultural Issues Nationality French
2780 Aesthetics Language French
3677 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical French Lick, Indiana
4908 Cultural Issues Class French nobility
3625 Themes and Motifs Naming French noble names
554 Environment Place Frenchman's Bend
5549 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Freud, Sigmund
1315 Aesthetics Symbolism Freudian
2040 Environment Time of Year Friday
2899 Cultural Issues Race Friendly interaction

Any time in the text during which different races meet in the same space and have a friendly, uncharged interaction. The specific example is the horse race in The Reivers.

477 Relationships (First level term) Friendship
2000 Cultural Issues Clothes Frock coat
1080 Themes and Motifs Animals Frogs
3259 Environment Auditory Frogs
1696 Environment Place Frontier
3018 Cultural Issues Law Frontier justice
1682 Actions Interaction, Social Frontier life
2413 Cultural Issues History Frontier outlawry
1694 Cultural Issues Progress Frontier times
1708 Cultural Issues Progress Frontier to civilization
2115 Environment Weather Frost
1932 Themes and Motifs Time Frozen / Static
2231 Actions Economic Frugality
1815 Actions Emotional Frustration
1337 Cultural Issues Sexuality Frustration
283 Cultural Issues Slavery Fugitive
3949 Environment Atmospheric Full moon
1632 Cultural Issues Ritual Funeral
931 Themes and Motifs Death Funeral
2199 Cultural Issues Ritual Funeral arrangements
3717 Themes and Motifs Death Funeral pyre / cremation
3601 Cultural Issues Clothes Fur coat / suit
5335 Cultural Issues Agriculture Furnish bill
645 Themes and Motifs Objects Furniture
1182 Actions Emotional Fury
374 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Futility
2051 Themes and Motifs Time Future
844 Themes and Motifs Death Future
3225 Cultural Issues Education G.I. Bill
2956 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Gaines's Mill
1339 Actions Bodily Gaining weight
3767 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Galahad
3343 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Galilee
1472 Environment Domestic Space Gallery
3743 Cultural Issues Slavery Galley slave
4270 Cultural Issues Ethnicity Gallic
1473 Environment Auditory Gallop
830 Environment Place Gallows
2403 Themes and Motifs Character Gambler
577 Cultural Issues Economy Gambling
937 Actions Play Gambling
1746 Cultural Issues Crime Gambling
5258 Environment Place Gambling house
4348 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Gambling imagery
2581 Themes and Motifs Animals Gamecock
4961 Relationships Social Gang
4351 Aesthetics Narrative Gaps
2281 Environment Domestic Space Garage

Any structure used for the storage of a motor vehicle. In The Reivers this is continuously referred to as the "carriage house", but since it is now an automobile that it houses, I am calling it a garage. This might be more useful for scholars than carriage house. JB

1475 Environment Domestic Space Garden
3285 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Garden of Eden
900 Actions Work Gardening
2789 Actions Physical Gardening
3410 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Garibaldi, Giuseppe
4066 Cultural Issues Clothes Garment female
3383 Actions Verbal Garrulousness

Created for Gavin Stevens--LW

2826 Cultural Issues Clothes Garter
1777 Environment Place Gas station
2063 Environment Olfactory Gasoline
2537 Themes and Motifs Objects Gasoline

Any time gasoline and fuel is mentioned as an object, not with regard to smell. It occurs a number of times in The Reivers as a fetishistic object of modernity. JB

3562 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Gastrointestinal discomfort
4667 Environment Place Gate
1019 Environment Domestic Space Gate
5595 Themes and Motifs Community Gathering
1032 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Gaze
3261 Themes and Motifs Animals Geese
240 Cultural Issues (First level term) Gender
654 Environment Domestic Space Gender stereotype
2933 Cultural Issues Violence Gendered

A violent action in which the gender dynamic plays a salient feature. The specific example is Boon hitting Miss Corrie in The Reivers. JB

5114 Themes and Motifs Determinism Gendered
4126 Relationships Familial Genealogy
2042 Cultural Issues Race Genealogy

Any time a character's possible racial ancestries is germane to the text. J. Burgers

5054 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes General Compson's military record
4973 Cultural Issues Age Generation gap
590 Cultural Issues Government Generational reform
2434 Relationships Ancestral Generational succession
5382 Themes and Motifs Character Generous