Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
5523 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Cumberland County, Mississippi
3051 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Cumberland Gap|Cumberland Mountains
5683 Themes and Motifs Objects Cup
4193 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Cure
4987 Actions Mental Curiosity
2745 Actions Emotional Curious
5534 Themes and Motifs Character Curmudgeonly
326 Cultural Issues Slavery Curse
605 Actions Verbal Cursing
3165 Themes and Motifs Objects Curtains
1511 Actions Physical Curtsy
3079 Themes and Motifs Objects Cushion
1244 Cultural Issues Law Custody
537 Relationships Commercial Customer relations
5135 Actions Physical Cutting
4612 Aesthetics Narrative Cyclical
4788 Cultural Issues Violence Cyclical
4281 Themes and Motifs Time Cyclical
3171 Actions Emotional Cynicism
5563 Cultural Issues Segregation Daily life
2196 Themes and Motifs Objects Damask
3328 Cultural Issues Religion Damnation
1686 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Damocles sword
5255 Actions Interaction, Social Dances
4682 Cultural Issues Entertainment Dancing
2131 Actions Physical Dancing
4825 Environment Atmospheric Dangerous
3851 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Dante's Inferno
4338 Actions Verbal Daring
870 Environment Atmospheric Dark
4236 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Dark house
5436 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Das Kapital
5007 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography Dash
2662 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Davis, Jefferson
698 Environment Time of Day Dawn
3556 Actions Mental Day-dreaming
1856 Environment Time of Day Daybreak
5481 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Daymond
2069 Environment Time of Day Daytime
3552 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical De Soto, Hernando
5069 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes De Spain creates camp
2343 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Dead time
5223 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Dead-eye Dick
5226 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Deadpan
714 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Deafness
535 Cultural Issues War Death
370 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Death
908 Relationships Romantic Death
3516 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Death / Dead imagery
3332 Themes and Motifs Death Death by water / Drowning
4799 Themes and Motifs Texts Death certificate
3916 Cultural Issues Alcohol Death from drinking
3118 Relationships Marital Death of spouse
2980 Themes and Motifs Death Death sentence
1918 Environment Domestic Space Deathbed
2257 Themes and Motifs Death Deathbed
5087 Actions Verbal Debating
1688 Aesthetics Interpretation Debunking story
607 Environment Olfactory Decay
1467 Actions Non-human Decay
4665 Environment Place Decayed house
4613 Environment Place Decayed plantation
774 Environment Time of Year December
713 Actions Moral Deception
5129 Actions Mental Deciding
2007 Cultural Issues Class Declasse

Whenever a character has suffered a loss of social status, in particular those characters formerly connected with the prominent families of Jefferson. For example, Dan Grinnup who is Louis Grenier's family. J. Burgers

1593 Actions Bodily Decomposition
5306 Environment Olfactory Decomposition
3411 Themes and Motifs Community Decoration Day
2400 Themes and Motifs Values Decorum
4591 Actions Mental Deduction
1998 Themes and Motifs Texts Deed
730 Themes and Motifs Animals Deer
720 Actions Hunting Deer hunting

Event refers specifically to DEER hunting. JP

531 Actions Moral Defeat
1654 Actions Emotional Defeat
718 Cultural Issues War Defeat
4625 Actions Bodily Defecation
1133 Actions Legal Defending

Serving as a defense attorney. JW

1076 Actions Emotional Defiance
5622 Actions Verbal Defining
5661 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical DeFrance, Abraham
2698 Cultural Issues Class Dehumanization
1430 Actions Violent Dehumanization

Treating a person through one's actions as if they are an object rather than a fellow human being. BR

4446 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Dehumanizing

Narrative/narrator uses a metaphor that dehumanizes a character. Popeye "had that vicious depthless quality of stamped tin," in Sanctuary.

3009 Cultural Issues Religion Deist
3421 Aesthetics Description Delayed decoding

Used in instances when the initial description of an object is ambiguous or defamiliarized, and the narrative only later clarifies exactly what was being described. For example, in _Flags in the Dust_, a clarinet is initially described as "a slender tube frosted over with keys" (143). BR

1751 Aesthetics Narrative Delayed revelation

Any time in a narrative where something happens, but the exact nature of the event is not revealed till some time later. Faulkner uses this technique quite often. The example here is from Monk, where Monk had apparently been living in a house for several months, but the town does not find out about it until months later.

1169 Actions Legal Deliberating
3484 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Delilah
4267 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Delirium
2477 Actions Physical Delivering
1536 Actions Economic Delivery
699 Environment Natural Delta
951 Environment Natural Delta rivers
4971 Cultural Issues Politics Demagoguery
4060 Actions Verbal Demanding
4124 Actions Emotional Dementia
2593 Themes and Motifs Objects Demijohn
2900 Cultural Issues Politics Democracy