Term IDsort ascending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2573 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Santa Claus

I'm assuming the group of people who both read Faulkner and believe in Santa Claus is relatively small, so saying he is mythical is not a spoiler. JB

2572 Cultural Issues Education College
2571 Cultural Issues Violence Castration
2570 Themes and Motifs Animals Termites
2569 Cultural Issues Clothes Pants
2568 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Masons
2567 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Attila the Hun
2566 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Tamerlane
2565 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Khan, Genghis
2564 Actions Work Night watchman
2563 Actions Work Losing job
2562 Actions Work Accident
2561 Environment Place Paducah
2560 Environment Domestic Space Bathroom
2559 Themes and Motifs Objects Gold tooth
2558 Environment Olfactory Bordello
2557 Actions Movement Streetcar
2556 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Rubicon
2555 Environment Time of Day Lunch
2554 Actions Economic Scamming
2553 Themes and Motifs Objects Plow
2552 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Comedy
2551 Aesthetics Description Landscape
2550 Actions Movement Surrey
2549 Environment Auditory Nature

The sounds of nature, generally on a quiet night. JB

2548 Environment Domestic Space Loft
2547 Actions Interaction, Social Conversion

Whenever a religious person changes someone's mind on religion. The example here is Hightower taming Ballanbaugh's through violent conversion. JB

2546 Cultural Issues War Stolen valor

Whenever someone claims to have fought in a war, but it is implied that he (always he) did not do so. This comes up quite a bit in Faulkner. JB

2545 Cultural Issues Crime Commercial sexual exploitation

Undoubtedly the more common term searched will be "prostitution". The aim of this term is to identify the crime being actively committed by the pimps and bordello madams. JB

2544 Cultural Issues Crime Cattle rustling
2543 Environment Place Outlaw country

On a number of occasions, Faulkner makes reference to stretches of outlaw country. Places where illegal and illicit practices transpire, but there is no enforcement by local or federal authority. This is particular in reference to Frenchman's Bend in the Hamlet, but also Ballenbaugh's historic emergence in the Reivers. JB

2542 Actions Movement Ferry
2541 Actions Movement Ox
2540 Cultural Issues Economy Commerce

Any moment in which the advent or nature of commerce is commented upon. In this instance, it is proto-capitalistic practices that take place as Yoknapatawpha moves from frontier to civilization. JB

2539 Environment Public Bridge
2538 Environment Place Fishing camp
2537 Themes and Motifs Objects Gasoline

Any time gasoline and fuel is mentioned as an object, not with regard to smell. It occurs a number of times in The Reivers as a fetishistic object of modernity. JB

2536 Themes and Motifs Objects Second-hand

These are items that get passed from person to person and re-purposed. Much of this happens in the Snopes family, but there are also other examples. JB

2535 Actions Bodily Flatulence
2534 Themes and Motifs Objects Hand grip
2533 Cultural Issues Progress Renaming

The renaming of a product or object due to modernization. This is different than Themes-> Naming -> Change over time which is related to people. JB

2532 Themes and Motifs Determinism Fated

Created to describe a situation that seems meant to be, as when Susan Reed seems destined for Hawkshaw's barbershop in "Hair." --LW & BR

2531 Themes and Motifs Animals Pigeons
2530 Cultural Issues Race White supremacists
2529 Cultural Issues Technology Neon
2528 Cultural Issues Technology Electricity
2527 Themes and Motifs Time Town clock
2526 Themes and Motifs Values Durability
2525 Cultural Issues Government Voting rights
2524 Actions Interaction, Social Voting
2523 Actions Legal Trial
2522 Cultural Issues History Battle of Bull Run
2521 Actions Military Combat
2520 Cultural Issues War Going to war
2519 Actions Verbal Vowing
2518 Themes and Motifs Objects Marble columns
2517 Actions Movement Steamboat
2516 Cultural Issues Education Female education
2515 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Departing Yoknapatawpha

For characters who leave Yoknapatawpha once and for all in a text - like Bayard Sartoris at the end of Flags in the Dust or Sarty Snopes in "Barn Burning." SR

2514 Cultural Issues Government Civic officials
2513 Cultural Issues Class White trash
2512 Cultural Issues Slavery Growth of
2511 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Chasing a person

For the many instances when a human being is hunted by others - the slave in "Red Leaves," the architect in Absalom!, Christmas several times in Light in August, Miss Quentin in The Sound and the Fury, etc. SR

2509 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Creating order
2508 Cultural Issues Group Mentality Communal story
2507 Aesthetics Style Present tense
2506 Aesthetics Symbolism Christian
2505 Cultural Issues History Prohibition
2504 Cultural Issues Slavery Imported

To indicate when slaves began their lives (in either freedom or slavery) outside the U.S. The most obvious example are the slaves Sutpen brings with him from the Caribbean. SR

2503 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Arrival in Yoknapatawpha
2502 Actions Emotional Petulance
2501 Actions Domestic Care
2500 Actions Bodily Groaning
2499 Actions Mental Nightmare
2498 Environment Auditory Industry
2497 Themes and Motifs Objects Milk
2496 Actions Domestic Making a bed
2495 Actions Domestic Setting the table
2494 Themes and Motifs Character Tenderness
2493 Environment Weather Cloud
2492 Cultural Issues War Revenge
2491 Themes and Motifs Body Moustache
2490 Actions Violent Dragging
2489 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Gulf Coast
2488 Environment Auditory Birdsong
2487 Environment Olfactory Cigar
2486 Themes and Motifs Animals Crickets
2485 Environment Olfactory Locust
2484 Environment Time of Day Evening
2483 Actions Violent Kicking
2482 Actions Violent Whipping
2481 Environment Olfactory Rain
2480 Actions Play Playing in water

For when people (usually children) are playing (splashing, etc.) in water - a creek or branch - as in The Sound and the Fury. Distinct from "swimming" per se. JBP

2479 Actions Physical Taking
2478 Actions Emotional Scolding
2477 Actions Physical Delivering
2476 Themes and Motifs Objects Ice
2475 Cultural Issues Food Candy
2474 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Hands in pockets
2473 Themes and Motifs Animals Cows