Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort ascending Term Description
3881 Environment Natural Orchard
3006 Environment Natural Prehistoric forces
4792 Environment Natural Quicksand
2071 Environment Natural River
3823 Environment Natural Rocks / stones
4144 Environment Natural Sand
3592 Environment Natural Sea / Ocean
3544 Environment Natural Sky
1822 Environment Natural Spring
2221 Environment Natural Stars
1595 Environment Natural Swamp
3736 Environment Natural Tide flat / marsh
2252 Environment Natural Trees
5175 Environment Natural Valley
3966 Environment Natural Vines
3860 Environment Natural Water moving / flowing
3965 Environment Natural Weeds
1548 Environment Natural Wilderness

I'm wondering how this is different from "woods" and if they two terms might need to be meshed into one. Are woods more domestic or something? LW
I'm using wilderness when it is directly discussed in the text as a presence, a living thing as in GDM (i.e., "the wilderness breathed again" (174)) JJ

1103 Environment Natural Woods
1257 Cultural Issues Nationality American
4934 Cultural Issues Nationality English / British
3936 Cultural Issues Nationality Foreigners
5188 Cultural Issues Nationality French
3928 Cultural Issues Nationality Immigration|Immigrants
960 Cultural Issues Nationality Japanese
1567 Cultural Issues Nationality Old vs New World
4050 Cultural Issues Nationality U.S. citizenship
4062 Aesthetics Narrative Adage
3521 Aesthetics Narrative African-American folk sayings
3215 Aesthetics Narrative Alternative story
1638 Aesthetics Narrative Anti-climax
1901 Aesthetics Narrative Anticipation
4958 Aesthetics Narrative Argument
4921 Aesthetics Narrative Background
5228 Aesthetics Narrative Child's perspective
2096 Aesthetics Narrative Chronological enjambment

When the narrative apposes two chronologically distant moments in a single sentence, right on top of each other.

1186 Aesthetics Narrative Collaborative narration

Any time multiple characters or voices participate in relating a story. JW

1852 Aesthetics Narrative Commentary
586 Aesthetics Narrative Communal narrative
1016 Aesthetics Narrative Conjectural narration

This is the term I came up with to describe situations where the narrator (I was thinking mainly of anonymous narrators) uses phrases like "perhaps," "probably," "might," "maybe" to weaken the certainty or authority of what's being narrated. Where, that is, the narrator hedges his bets. JW

3088 Aesthetics Narrative Contested

I created this to capture scenes when two or more characters interrupt each other's attempt to create a narrative - specifically, in the context of the way Gavin (and sometimes the Governor) seize on parts of Temple's story that she would rather not dwell on. SR

1470 Aesthetics Narrative Conversation with oneself
4612 Aesthetics Narrative Cyclical
1751 Aesthetics Narrative Delayed revelation

Any time in a narrative where something happens, but the exact nature of the event is not revealed till some time later. Faulkner uses this technique quite often. The example here is from Monk, where Monk had apparently been living in a house for several months, but the town does not find out about it until months later.

4868 Aesthetics Narrative Disruption
1637 Aesthetics Narrative Epiphany
2611 Aesthetics Narrative Fantasy

Whenever a narrator engages in an event that she or he knows to be pure fantasy or wish fulfillment. JC

490 Aesthetics Narrative First-person
494 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim
3131 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim throughout section
504 Aesthetics Narrative First-person plural passim
487 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular
488 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular passim
3038 Aesthetics Narrative Foreshadowing
1659 Aesthetics Narrative Frame

Though somewhat obvious, this refers to a "nested" narrative where a story is told by someone to someone else. The example here is the opening of The Reivers, where the entire text is framed as being told to Lucius III by Lucius II. JB

2849 Aesthetics Narrative Free indirect discourse
4351 Aesthetics Narrative Gaps
1805 Aesthetics Narrative Imagined conversation

When a narrator retrospectively imagines what they could have or wished they had said in a particular conversation. BR

613 Aesthetics Narrative Indeterminacy
3404 Aesthetics Narrative Irony
3368 Aesthetics Narrative Mid-sentence insertion of another thought
3561 Aesthetics Narrative Multiple quotations in a single paragraph
4382 Aesthetics Narrative Narrative anomaly
4395 Aesthetics Narrative Narrative shift
3122 Aesthetics Narrative Origin
1687 Aesthetics Narrative Parentheses
1364 Aesthetics Narrative Pause
2697 Aesthetics Narrative Perspective
2085 Aesthetics Narrative Present-time reference

For when a character switches from past-tense narration (about past events) to refer to the present time and/or how he/she feels "now." -JBP

2182 Aesthetics Narrative Quotation as thought

For when a text says a character "thinks" or "thought" something - often as a passage in quotation marks but also sometimes in italics. In those cases, perhaps the "Italics" keyword should also be applied. JBP

2015 Aesthetics Narrative Reconstructed
982 Aesthetics Narrative Repetition
2081 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration

For when a character reports what some other character has told him/her about something that has happened - typically for things that the narrator was not present to see in person. -JBP

4165 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration passim
4178 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration passim in section
3369 Aesthetics Narrative Resumption of sentence after interruption
1989 Aesthetics Narrative Revision
3081 Aesthetics Narrative Revisionary
1975 Aesthetics Narrative Second-person directed

Whenever the narrator of the text refers to "you" as a specific subject or auditor, as is the case with Lucius II referring to Lucius III in the Reivers. This is slightly more nuanced than storytelling, which is generic. Instead this is a narrative crafted with a particular auditor in mind.

1139 Aesthetics Narrative Self-correction

When the narrator corrects, or significantly qualifies, an immediately preceding statement or account. JW

1650 Aesthetics Narrative Self-Reflective
2212 Aesthetics Narrative Stream of consciousness narration
2315 Aesthetics Narrative Summary
5270 Aesthetics Narrative Suspended|Resumed
4107 Aesthetics Narrative Suspense
4445 Aesthetics Narrative Temporal discontinuity

When narrative relates events in achronological order, i.e. event3 followed by event1 followed by event2, etc. Cf. opening paragraph of Sanctuary. SR

668 Aesthetics Narrative Temporal projection

When the narrative gets ahead of itself, for example in "Race at Morning" Event 305.1 begins "Then we seen him for the first time," but that does not actually happen until two Events later, 305.3, "and then suddenly . . . the buck hisself" (305). It doesn't matter whether the narrative is looking forward a dozen sentences or a hundred pages, whenever it explicitly anticipates something that it won't actually depict until a later Event, it's "Temporal projection." SR

2982 Aesthetics Narrative Theatrical effect
4700 Aesthetics Narrative Under oath
4982 Aesthetics Narrative Unidentified character
2211 Aesthetics Narrative Unreliable narrator
1639 Aesthetics Narrative Withholding
1783 Themes and Motifs Naming Alias
3060 Themes and Motifs Naming And caste
5529 Themes and Motifs Naming As tribute
4951 Themes and Motifs Naming Brand name
2433 Themes and Motifs Naming Change over time
2684 Themes and Motifs Naming Child's name
4952 Themes and Motifs Naming Commercial origins
1210 Themes and Motifs Naming False name