Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort descending Term Description
4397 Cultural Issues War Bivouac fires
4407 Cultural Issues War Profiting from war
4561 Cultural Issues War Glorification
4695 Cultural Issues War On homefront
4763 Cultural Issues War Desertion
4772 Cultural Issues War Retreat
4776 Cultural Issues War Rules of engagement
4784 Cultural Issues War Military service

Whenever a character did or did not serve in the military during war. In this case, it is Redmond in The Unvanquished (225), but another example is Percy Grimm. JHB

4823 Cultural Issues War Campaign
4824 Cultural Issues War Irregular troop
4828 Cultural Issues War Violence against civilians
4911 Cultural Issues War Refugee
4916 Cultural Issues War Indian / Native American wars
4927 Cultural Issues War Jacobite Rebellion
4976 Cultural Issues War Korean War
4977 Cultural Issues War As educational
5318 Cultural Issues War Veterans

This is a general marker for anything to do with veterans. The specific instance is the relationship between Jock and Captain Warren in "Death Drag." Although this is technically a "relationship" between veterans, the occurrence is so rare that it makes more sense to create a generic term.

702 Environment Weather Rain
780 Environment Weather Cold
1784 Environment Weather Heat
1786 Environment Weather Sun
1911 Environment Weather Sunshine
2115 Environment Weather Frost
2153 Environment Weather Mild
2224 Environment Weather Warmth
2273 Environment Weather Storm
2493 Environment Weather Cloud
2747 Environment Weather Snow
3545 Environment Weather Flood
3784 Environment Weather Coolness
4163 Environment Weather Perfect Weather

Perfect, that is, for the context - which can either mean clear sunlight OR pitch darkness, frost or rain. Whenever the weather feels right. For the dawn of the hunt in "Race at Morning," it means "cold and bright" (297).

4202 Environment Weather Fog
5287 Environment Weather Ice
523 Actions Work Prosecuting
658 Actions Work Washing clothes
813 Actions Work Farming
885 Actions Work Blacksmith
887 Actions Work Tailor
888 Actions Work Carpenter
900 Actions Work Gardening
902 Actions Work Chopping wood
986 Actions Work Law enforcement
1134 Actions Work Lawyering

Performing any sort of work as an attorney at law. JW

1193 Actions Work Sawmilling
1241 Actions Work Quitting job
1382 Actions Work For room and board
1529 Actions Work Construction
1578 Actions Work Teaching
1648 Actions Work Getting water
1680 Actions Work Building structure
1843 Actions Work Store clerk
1844 Actions Work Restauranteer
1848 Actions Work Government
1850 Actions Work Fireman
2008 Actions Work Driving

When someone is driving people around for a living. JB

2055 Actions Work Livery stable
2056 Actions Work Banking
2061 Actions Work Mechanic
2160 Actions Work Painting
2562 Actions Work Accident
2563 Actions Work Losing job
2564 Actions Work Night watchman
2642 Actions Work Sharpening
3440 Actions Work Landscaping
3443 Actions Work Glassblowing
3486 Actions Work Sowing
3498 Actions Work Boot-black / Shoe shine
3501 Actions Work Jeweler
3581 Actions Work Maritime / Marine
3731 Actions Work Miners / mining
3797 Actions Work Milling
3831 Actions Work Horse training
3943 Actions Work Doctor / medical care
4052 Actions Work Leaving work
4162 Actions Work Barbering
4194 Actions Work Traveling salesman
4314 Actions Work Churning butter
4586 Actions Work Missing work
4605 Actions Work Dismissing from work
4621 Actions Work Waitress
4687 Actions Work To pay for education
4694 Actions Work Factory
4866 Actions Work Dismissal
5015 Actions Work Office
5096 Actions Work Performance
5125 Actions Work Photography
5284 Actions Work Hotel employee
5293 Actions Work Weaving