Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2562 Actions Work Accident
1977 Actions Economic Accounting

This does not merely describe the specific actions of an accountant, but any formal or informal balancing of the books be it Flem Snopes, Maury Priest, or Will Varner. JB

2991 Actions Verbal Accusatory
3370 Actions Communication Addressing for mail delivery
1082 Actions (First level term) Agricultural
4413 Actions Violent Airplane crash
2031 Actions Emotional Amazement
1572 Actions Perceptual Ambiguity
2346 Actions Emotional Ambivalence
4263 Actions Movement Ambulance
898 Actions Physical Ambush
823 Actions Emotional Anger
4383 Actions Emotional Anguish
799 Actions Violent Animal abuse
2902 Actions Violent Animal attack on human
1834 Actions Violent Animal predatory behavior
3277 Actions Non-human Animal senses
1866 Actions Verbal Announcing
4064 Actions Emotional Annoyed
777 Actions Emotional Anxiety
3090 Actions Emotional Apathy
1801 Actions Verbal Apology
1251 Actions Physical Apprehending
964 Actions Verbal Arguing
1758 Actions Legal Arraign
1405 Actions Legal Arrest
1969 Actions Violent Arson
1228 Actions Economic Ascent
4473 Actions Economic Asking for money
1248 Actions Violent Assault
3839 Actions Interaction, Private Assist
1591 Actions Non-human Attack
1311 Actions Emotional Attraction
634 Actions Interaction, Social Auction
824 Actions Economic Auction
3393 Actions Legal Bailing out
2171 Actions Interaction, Social Ball/dance
1782 Actions Verbal Banishment
2056 Actions Work Banking
3315 Actions Economic Banking
4082 Actions Verbal Banter / small talk
1691 Actions Interaction, Social Barbecue
4162 Actions Work Barbering
1073 Actions Economic Bargaining
4232 Actions Economic Barter
2813 Actions Physical Bathing
2178 Actions Bodily Bathing and/or personal hygiene
715 Actions Hunting Bear hunting

Event refers specifically to BEAR hunting. JP

3387 Actions Violent Beating
1126 Actions Verbal Begging
3611 Actions Mental Believing
2736 Actions Emotional Betrayal
3777 Actions Play Betting
4310 Actions Emotional Bewilderment
4422 Actions Movement Bicycle
3709 Actions Verbal Bidding farewell / Saying goodbye
3321 Actions Non-human Bird flying
4011 Actions Hunting Bird hunting
3319 Actions Non-human Bird watching a human
3618 Actions Bodily Birth / Being born
2778 Actions Moral Blackmail
885 Actions Work Blacksmith
1602 Actions Economic Blacksmithing
953 Actions Bodily Bleeding
4308 Actions Verbal Bless
2302 Actions Bodily Blinking
1620 Actions Hunting Blowing horn
4078 Actions Perceptual Blurring
3803 Actions Bodily Blushing
928 Actions Movement Boat
342 Actions (First level term) Bodily
3313 Actions Legal Bonding
3498 Actions Work Boot-black / Shoe shine
853 Actions Economic Bootlegging
1453 Actions Economic Borrowing
4016 Actions Violent Boxing
1842 Actions Verbal Bragging
1614 Actions Hunting Breaking camp
4020 Actions Interaction, Private Breaking marriage engagement
4056 Actions Bodily Breastfeeding
1444 Actions Bodily Breathing
4009 Actions Hunting Breeding
3774 Actions Economic Bribing
1200 Actions Movement Buggy
1865 Actions Physical Building
1680 Actions Work Building structure
1240 Actions Physical Burial
2870 Actions Physical Burning
1390 Actions Movement Bus
1312 Actions Economic Buying a house
2123 Actions Economic Buying a shop or store
4599 Actions Economic Buying timber
2425 Actions Communication By sound
4370 Actions Mental Calculation
3126 Actions Verbal Calling

To cover when a character calls or summons someone else (cf. Dilsey calling Miss Quentin to supper). Could also perhaps be used for when someone uses a telephone to call someone else, though that might be conveyed by other keywords as well. -JBP

3600 Actions Legal Calling police
2448 Actions Emotional Callousness
2627 Actions Emotional Calm
4260 Actions Interaction, Social Camaraderie
1111 Actions Domestic Camping