Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
2883 Themes and Motifs Values Refinement
3106 Aesthetics Symbolism Reflection

Created for when a text makes explicit reference to mirrored reflection that has potential symbolic importance - created to capture Benjy's repeated references to a mirror in the library (of fire, of Caddy) that in the present day is gone (leaving only a door-like discoloration on the wall where it once had been). -JBP

2893 Actions Moral Reform
4715 Cultural Issues Law Reformatory
772 Cultural Issues War Refuge
4911 Cultural Issues War Refugee
2152 Themes and Motifs Money Refund
1781 Actions Emotional Refusal
3128 Actions Verbal Refusing
5165 Actions Bodily Regaining consciousness
2308 Themes and Motifs Character Regal
246 Cultural Issues (First level term) Region
2803 Cultural Issues Progress Regional
2305 Actions Emotional Regret
1534 Cultural Issues Law Regulation
5332 Cultural Issues Agriculture Regulations
4842 Actions Mental Reinterpretation
4223 Actions Interaction, Private Rejection
3102 Cultural Issues Religion Relationship with God
4053 Actions Legal Release of prisoner
3537 Themes and Motifs Character Reliability
2862 Themes and Motifs Past Relics
4005 Actions Emotional Relief
319 Cultural Issues Slavery Religion
1675 Cultural Issues Progress Religion
247 Cultural Issues (First level term) Religion
5473 Cultural Issues Segregation Religious
3273 Cultural Issues Religion Religious art or iconography
3074 Cultural Issues Religion Religious faith
995 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Relocation
3813 Actions Legal Remarriage
856 Themes and Motifs Memory Remembering
1150 Actions Mental Remembering
640 Themes and Motifs Memory Remembering passim
1806 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Reminiscence
1417 Themes and Motifs Naming Renaming

When a character is given or takes a new name due to a change in their identity. BR

2533 Cultural Issues Progress Renaming

The renaming of a product or object due to modernization. This is different than Themes-> Naming -> Change over time which is related to people. JB

707 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Renewal
3805 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Reno, Nevada
1922 Actions Moral Renounce
5621 Themes and Motifs Inheritance Renouncing
1706 Cultural Issues Progress Renovations
1192 Actions Economic Renting
4989 Cultural Issues Economy Renting housing
4956 Actions Verbal Renunciation
1819 Actions Physical Repair
2788 Actions Emotional Repentance
4010 Actions Verbal Repetition
3013 Themes and Motifs Past Repetition
982 Aesthetics Narrative Repetition
1939 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Replica
2081 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration

For when a character reports what some other character has told him/her about something that has happened - typically for things that the narrator was not present to see in person. -JBP

4165 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration passim
4178 Aesthetics Narrative Reported narration passim in section
2917 Actions Mental Repression
4224 Themes and Motifs Psychological Repression
322 Cultural Issues Gender Reproduction
2576 Cultural Issues Politics Republican

In The Reivers Lucius Priest defines the various positions of Conservative, Liberal, Republican, and Democrat in the following manner: "Like this: a Republican is a man who made his money; a Liberal is a man who inherited his; a Democrat is a barefoot Liberal in a cross-country race; a Conservative is a Republican who has learned to read and write." (109) Though, these positions are hardly set in stone it is important to note the distinct separation between political outlook and political party. JB

1794 Cultural Issues Politics Republicanism
2649 Themes and Motifs Character Reputation
1919 Actions Verbal Requesting
1677 Cultural Issues Progress Requirements
4384 Actions Military Rescue
4610 Actions Physical Rescuing
1972 Actions Emotional Resentment
3115 Actions Emotional Resignation
312 Cultural Issues Slavery Resistance

To index passages in which slaves are described taking a stand of some kind, usually verbal, against their enslavement. The clearest instances of this involve Loosh and Granny on the Sartoris plantation. (More direct physical forms of resistance are indexed under "Fugitive" and "Revolt.") SR

2108 Themes and Motifs Character Resolve
3861 Themes and Motifs Death Respect
2086 Actions Emotional Respect
562 Cultural Issues Class Respectability
4083 Actions Verbal Responding
945 Themes and Motifs Death Response to
1161 Themes and Motifs Morals Responsibility
1226 Themes and Motifs Character Responsibility
3493 Environment Public Restaurant
1844 Actions Work Restauranteer
1566 Actions Emotional Restlessness
2631 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Restoration / rebuilding
2416 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Restoring order
1081 Actions Violent Restraining
1970 Actions Physical Restraining
3369 Aesthetics Narrative Resumption of sentence after interruption
3331 Cultural Issues Religion Resurrection
4003 Actions Bodily Retching
4127 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Retelling
4172 Actions Verbal Reticence
2658 Cultural Issues Clothes Reticule
4028 Cultural Issues Economy Retirement
3184 Actions Military Retreat
4772 Cultural Issues War Retreat
1171 Cultural Issues Law Retrial
576 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Return
834 Actions Movement Return
963 Cultural Issues War Return
2633 Cultural Issues War Return from war
4693 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Return from war
1280 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Return home
2907 Themes and Motifs Time Return to present time
2686 Cultural Issues War Return to war