Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
1986 Fireflies Animals
2958 Fish Animals
3857 Fish trout Animals
3665 Fleas Animals
914 Fox Animals
1080 Frogs Animals
2581 Gamecock Animals
3261 Geese Animals
4537 Giraffe Animals
1201 Goat Animals
5573 Grasshoppers Animals
3576 Gulls Animals
528 Hog Animals
595 Horses Animals
4469 Insect boll weevil Animals
3858 Insect fly Animals
3882 Insects bees Animals
3883 Insects butterflies Animals
4146 Insects crickets Animals
3814 Insects lice Animals
3843 Insects mayflies Animals
5619 Insects tick Animals
1222 Lightning bugs Animals
2795 Lion Animals
1324 Metaphorical elephant Animals
4666 Mice Animals
3245 Mockingbird Animals
1820 Mosquitoes Animals
661 Mules Animals
1830 Named bear Ben Animals
860 Named dog Lion Animals
5304 Owl Animals
939 Ownership Animals
2036 Oxen Animals
999 Panther Animals
2531 Pigeons Animals
2251 Pigs Animals
4177 Point-of-view Animals

Created for a moment in "Race at Morning" when the narrator imagines what the hunted deer is seeing and thinking. There may not be other instances of this, but to open up the narrative to the subjectivity of an animal seems worth noting. SR

2462 Pony Animals
5303 Possum Animals
1052 Quail Animals
717 Rabbit Animals
925 Raccoon Animals
1719 Race horse Animals
1535 Rat Animals
4171 Sentience Animals

Created to capture passages which describe an animal as thinking, knowing - specifically, for the way the horse and the hunting dogs "know where" the deer was hiding "as good as we did" in "Race at Morning," a knowledge that is seen is their behavior (299). SR

5176 Sheep Animals
1590 Snake Animals
3318 Sparrow Animals
1809 Squirrel Animals
4503 Swallows Animals
4839 Tending to animal Animals
2570 Termites Animals
1840 Tigers Animals
736 Turkey Animals
4802 Turtles Animals
694 Whippoorwills Animals
606 Wild horses Animals
1002 Wildcats Animals
2043 Wolf Animals
4357 Woodpecker|Lord-to-God Animals
5231 As character Appearance
3480 Baldness Appearance
2322 Beautiful/handsome Appearance
1243 Complexion Appearance
3522 Condition of heaviness Appearance
2090 Cosmetics Appearance
3845 Depth / deepness Appearance
3913 Diminishment / fading Appearance
3605 Dirty Appearance
3942 Fatness / obesity Appearance
4434 Feminine Appearance
3976 Hair pigtails Appearance
1609 Inscrutable Appearance

I added this for "The Old People," 205.3, to reflect the lack of emotion that Sam Fathers shows. LW

3978 Invisibility Appearance
3920 Librarian look Appearance
2019 Nakedness Appearance
4197 Nondescript Appearance
1613 Perspective Appearance

I added this for "The Old People," 206.5, to describe how the narrator sees Sam Fathers growing smaller and smaller as the hunting party leaves him behind. I don't really like the term that I chose but I couldn't think of anything else. LW

3762 Pretending / Feigning Appearance
4242 Racialized Appearance
4801 Red necks Appearance
2223 Scruffiness Appearance
1938 Similarity Appearance
3844 Surface Appearance
3476 Ugliness Appearance
517 Advent Arrivals/Departures
1459 Alarm Arrivals/Departures

This is whenever a character arrives or departs to communicate a message of alarm. JB

1667 Arrival Arrivals/Departures
2503 Arrival in Yoknapatawpha Arrivals/Departures
2515 Departing Yoknapatawpha Arrivals/Departures

For characters who leave Yoknapatawpha once and for all in a text - like Bayard Sartoris at the end of Flags in the Dust or Sarty Snopes in "Barn Burning." SR

1242 Departure Arrivals/Departures
903 Desertion-family Arrivals/Departures
989 Jailbreak Arrivals/Departures
2656 Leaving Arrivals/Departures
2094 Leaving home Arrivals/Departures
852 Mysterious Arrivals/Departures
995 Relocation Arrivals/Departures
576 Return Arrivals/Departures
4693 Return from war Arrivals/Departures