Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
3829 Chastity / purity Gender
3688 Chauvinism / Misogyny Gender
826 Chickasaw Race
1291 Child abuse Violence
1288 Childhood Age
2775 Chistian Scientist Religion
662 Chivalry Gender
4515 Christianity Religion
3529 Christmas gift game Ritual
3542 Christmas holiday traditions Ritual
3298 Church service Religion
3662 Circus Entertainment
1849 City government Politics
4737 Civic Ritual
2412 Civic boosterism Economy
3033 Civic events Entertainment
2514 Civic officials Government
4981 Civil Rights legislation History
5261 Civil suit Law
292 Civil War Slavery
2101 Civil War War
3183 Civil War History
1556 Civil War as point of reference History
3490 Civil War consequences War
3491 Civil War consequences History
239 Class (First level term)
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
4675 Chastity belt Objects
4119 Check Money
1739 Chickens/roosters Animals
4997 Child Death
2684 Child's name Naming
3536 Childlike Character
3995 Chins Body
1320 Chivalry Morals
3272 Christian art or iconography Art
4709 Christmas card Texts
1221 Cicadas Animals
1042 Cigar Objects
3800 Cigarette Objects
5406 Cigarette lighter Objects
4051 Citizenship papers Texts
1678 Civic records Texts
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
5117 Chateau-Thierry Allusion, Historical
2882 Chattanooga, Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
4443 Chess Figures of Speech
3903 Chess imagery stalemate Figures of Speech
2167 Chicago Allusion, Geographical
4811 Chickamauga Allusion, Historical
2955 Chickhahominy River Allusion, Geographical
5228 Child's perspective Narrative
3788 Chimera / Chimaera Allusion, Mythical
5414 China Allusion, Geographical
1336 Christ Allusion, Biblical
2506 Christian Symbolism
2096 Chronological enjambment Narrative

When the narrative apposes two chronologically distant moments in a single sentence, right on top of each other.

4277 Churchill, John, Duke of Marlborough Allusion, Historical
5477 Churchill, Winston Allusion, Historical
4522 Cicero Allusion, Literary
3176 Cincinnatus Allusion, Historical
3228 Claiborne Allusion, Historical
5662 Claiborne, William C. C. Allusion, Historical
5492 Clarksdale, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
Vocabulary: Actions
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
2436 Chatter Verbal
3757 Cheating Moral
2729 Checkers Play
2730 Chess Play
1851 Chewing Bodily
1209 Child care Domestic
5290 Child labor Agricultural
4472 Child support Economic
4336 Child-rearing Domestic
1237 Childbirth Bodily
2192 Children playing Play
1440 Choking Bodily
1212 Chopping Agricultural
1059 Chopping wood Physical
902 Chopping wood Work
2713 Church Interaction, Social
4314 Churning butter Work
1729 Civic discussion Interaction, Social
1704 Civic dispute Interaction, Social
1145 Claim Legal
Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
4031 Chicken coop / hen house Domestic Space
1197 Christmas Time of Year
2344 Christmas Eve Time of Year
4850 Christmas, figuratively Time of Year

Any time someone refers to Christmas in relation to it being a particularly auspicious day. In this case, it is being used by "Uncle Willy" to describe when he'll be in California (242). JB

1942 Church Public
2732 Church Place
3869 Church steeple Public
2487 Cigar Olfactory
1837 City Place

For when a place is characterized by its built-up nature, especially as a contrast to town or rural places (e.g., "the tall buildings and the hard pavements and the street cars" in "Lion"). JBP

Vocabulary: Relationships
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
678 Child as authority Hierarchical
1397 child protection Civic
1519 Child-adult Interracial
1298 Childhood friends Friendship
3505 Childlessness Familial
5323 Church-Town Institutional

Relationship between any of the Churches and the Town in which they are situated. The specific example here is that even though Reverend Schultz and his church found a new clerk to replace Uncle Willy, no one trusted the new stranger.

398 Civic (First level term)
1321 Civil marriage Marital
2058 Clan Familial