Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4941 Natchez Trace Allusion, Geographical
4942 Lycurgus of Sparta Allusion, Historical
4945 Year 1860 Allusion, Historical
4958 Argument Narrative
4959 Old Testament Allusion, Biblical
4960 Space program Figures of Speech
4963 Explanatory passage Interpretation
4982 Unidentified character Narrative
4998 Canaan Allusion, Biblical
4999 Isaac Allusion, Biblical
5001 Ashby, Turner Allusion, Historical
5007 Dash Typography/Orthography
5008 Priam Allusion, Mythical
5010 Drawing of delta Typography/Orthography
5017 Spanish Language
5018 Robinson Crusoe Allusion, Literary
5019 Conrad, Joseph Allusion, Literary
5024 Old Bayard's death Recurring Episodes
5025 Negro voting Recurring Episodes
5026 Sartoris captures Yankees Recurring Episodes
5027 Jenny arrives Recurring Episodes
5028 Colonel Sartoris killed Recurring Episodes
5029 Bayard avenges Johnny Recurring Episodes
5030 Johnny Sartoris shot down Recurring Episodes
5031 Byron robs bank Recurring Episodes
5032 Young Bayard's death Recurring Episodes
5033 Narcissa's anonymous letters Recurring Episodes
5034 Benjy accosts schoolgirl Recurring Episodes
5035 Miss Quentin runs away Recurring Episodes
5036 Benjy's name changed Recurring Episodes
5037 Texas horses auctioned Recurring Episodes
5038 Burying Sartoris silver Recurring Episodes
5039 Doom becomes chief Recurring Episodes
5040 Sartoris builds railroad Recurring Episodes
5041 Old Frenchman's arrival Recurring Episodes
Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4943 Old Jefferson Place
4944 Okatoba Place
4946 Indian agency Place
4957 History Place

I created this keyword to depict when a history of a specific location is given whether it is the jail in Jefferson or the McCaslin planation. JJ

4983 Yoknapatawpha Beat Place
4984 Mill Place
4988 Quarters Place
4995 School, segregated Place
5000 Blacksmith shop Place
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4947 Ownership Land-Use
4948 As currency Alcohol
4949 Consumption Economy

This term is meant to capture the buying of goods--food, staples, hardware, etc.; goods to be bought and sold. JJ

4953 Moving away History
4955 Campaigning Politics
4962 White fear Race
4964 By police Violence
4965 Ku Klux Klan History
4967 Anti-Catholic Prejudice
4968 Silver Shirts History
4971 Demagoguery Politics
4972 New Deal History
4973 Generation gap Age
4975 Negro troops History
4976 Korean War War
4977 As educational War
4978 Social Progress
4979 Exploitative Politics
4980 Negro-lover Race
4981 Civil Rights legislation History
4985 Housing Slavery
4989 Renting housing Economy
4992 Dependable Food
4994 Household gardening Agriculture
5003 Race Religion
5005 Nudity Sexuality
5011 And gender Clothes
5012 Aunt as term for black woman Race
5013 And race Crime
5014 History Education
5016 Riding Clothes
5020 Battle of Shiloh|Pittsburg Landing History
5021 Attack on Atlanta History
5022 Hearing impairment Health and Illness
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4950 And change Time
4951 Brand name Naming
4952 Commercial origins Naming
4966 Hypocrisy Character
4990 Earned Money
4993 Domestic Chaos/Order
4997 Child Death
5004 Poetry Texts
5023 In battle Futility
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4954 Bachelor Marital
4961 Gang Social
4969 Social organizations Social
4974 Military Interracial
4991 Loving Marital
5002 Man-deer Interspecies
5009 Man-bear Interspecies
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4956 Renunciation Verbal
4986 Visualize Mental
4987 Curiosity Mental
4996 Female gathering Interaction, Social
5006 And race Hunting
5015 Office Work