Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1929 Institutional Religion
1935 Sabbath Religion
1940 Stereotype: teeth Race
1945 Inversion Gender
1962 Capture War
1965 Domestic Economy
1971 Piety Religion
1974 Wanted poster Law

Any paraphernalia used to publicly identify a possible criminal. The example used is from The Reivers, which refers to a "Bertillon chart or a police poster" (3). JB

1978 Baseball Entertainment
1983 Firearms Law

Any formal or informal practices regarding firearms that are functionally law, whether these practices are recognized in a court or not. For example, the assumption that no one in Maury Priest's workplace would bring a gun in the Reivers or the shop owner who refuses to sells Mink ammunition in the Mansion. This definition also includes legal violations of laws surrounding firearms. JB

2000 Frock coat Clothes
2001 Waistcoat Crime
2002 Hat Clothes
2005 Green eyeshade Clothes
2007 Declasse Class

Whenever a character has suffered a loss of social status, in particular those characters formerly connected with the prominent families of Jefferson. For example, Dan Grinnup who is Louis Grenier's family. J. Burgers

2009 Homelessness Class
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1930 Divine intervention Allusion, Biblical
1931 Cassandra Allusion, Mythical
1936 Djinn Allusion, Mythical
1937 Tornado Figures of Speech
1939 Replica Figures of Speech
1949 Breath Figures of Speech
1959 Cubism Style
1963 Onomatopoeia Typography/Orthography
1964 Spacing Typography/Orthography
1973 Tableau Description
1975 Second-person directed Narrative

Whenever the narrator of the text refers to "you" as a specific subject or auditor, as is the case with Lucius II referring to Lucius III in the Reivers. This is slightly more nuanced than storytelling, which is generic. Instead this is a narrative crafted with a particular auditor in mind.

1981 Personification Figures of Speech
1989 Revision Narrative
1990 Ancient Greek Chorus Allusion, Literary
1991 Clay Figures of Speech
2015 Reconstructed Narrative
2017 All caps Typography/Orthography
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1932 Frozen / Static Time
1933 Sun / Sunlight Recurring Tropes
1934 Music Art
1938 Similarity Appearance
1946 Phaeton Objects
1947 Place Supernatural
1948 Threshold Recurring Tropes
1950 Triumph Recurring Tropes
1957 Homesickness_Longing for home Home
1968 Livestock Absence/Loss
1982 Belatedness Recurring Tropes
1985 Open secret Recurring Tropes

Any moment when everyone or many people in a place know something to be true, but they pretend not to know it. For example, everyone knows Linda is not Flem's child, but pretends to not know, just as everyone pretends John Powell brings his gun to work but people pretend he does not. JB

1986 Fireflies Animals
1992 Saddlebag Objects
1994 Determination Values
1995 Running out Time
1997 Gold Money
1998 Deed Texts
1999 Loot Money
2003 Teeth Body
2013 Continuity Time

Any time the past is consonant with the present, or a tradition is passed on. For example, the Hampton's being Sheriffs is a historical continuity. JB

2019 Nakedness Appearance
2020 Forbearance Character
2021 Windows Objects
2022 Artist Character
2023 Dream Recurring Tropes
2024 Ruthless Character
2025 Vanity Character
2028 Footprint Objects
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1941 Racing Movement
1944 Eavesdropping Perceptual
1951 Housekeeping Domestic
1952 Carrying Physical
1955 Poker Play
1956 Praising Verbal
1966 Economizing Mental

When a character invests effort in thinking strategically about personal or household economy, such as when Cora Tull attempts to pay for her pricey chickens by selling cakes made with the eggs of those chickens in AILD. EP

1967 Escape Military
1969 Arson Violent
1970 Restraining Physical
1972 Resentment Emotional
1977 Accounting Economic

This does not merely describe the specific actions of an accountant, but any formal or informal balancing of the books be it Flem Snopes, Maury Priest, or Will Varner. JB

1980 Kicking Physical
1984 Concealment Interaction, Social

Any time a character hides something from his peer group or society at large. The particular instance here is John Powell concealing his pistol from the men in the livery stable.

1996 Inquiry Mental
2006 Theatricality Emotional
2008 Driving Work

When someone is driving people around for a living. JB

2011 Noblesse oblige Interaction, Social

Any time of social contract that is maintained that relies on implied class differences. The term is a bit murky, but Faulkner refers to it explicitly and implicitly on a number of occasions. The agreement between Maury Priest and John Powell, and the remission of Miss Emily's taxes are examples. JB

Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1942 Church Public
1943 Thunder Atmospheric
1958 July Time of Year
1960 Sawing Auditory
1961 Carpentry Auditory
1976 May Time of Year
1987 Sitting room Domestic Space
1988 Bells Auditory
1993 Hotel Place
2004 Poorhouse Place
2010 Livery stable Place
2012 Lot Place
2014 Alley Public
2016 Pond Place
2018 Crowded Atmospheric
2026 Slave Quarters Place
2027 Smokehouse Place
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1953 Twins Familial
1954 Brother-brother Familial
1979 Great-grandparent Ancestral