Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1828 Boxers Sullivan and Kilrain Allusion, Historical
1829 Boxers Dempsey and Tunney Allusion, Historical
1852 Commentary Narrative
1869 Bonaparte, Napoleon Allusion, Historical
1871 Coke upon Littleton Allusion, Historical
1872 Josephus, Flavius Allusion, Literary
1873 Koran Allusion, Literary
1874 Mississippi Reports Allusion, Historical
1875 Taylor, Jeremy Allusion, Literary
1876 Scott, Walter Allusion, Literary
1877 Cooper, James Fenimore Allusion, Literary
1878 Dumas, Alexandre Allusion, Literary
1885 Crucifixion Allusion, Biblical
1886 Voice Figures of Speech
1888 Long sentence Style
1889 Painting Metafictional
1890 Demon Allusion, Mythical
1891 Chains Figures of Speech
1892 Oxymoron Figures of Speech
1893 Hamsa Symbolism
1895 Genesis Allusion, Biblical
1901 Anticipation Narrative
1902 Disease Figures of Speech
1903 Skeleton Figures of Speech
1904 Ogre Allusion, Mythical
1905 Hell Allusion, Biblical
1907 Niobe Allusion, Mythical
1928 Heaven Allusion, Biblical
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1830 Named bear Ben Animals
1832 Importance of naming Naming

When a character or narrator draws attention to a name - e.g., the narrator of "Lion" saying as "head bear," Old Ben "deserved a better name." JBP

1840 Tigers Animals
1841 Elephants Animals
1863 Homecoming Home
1864 Will to endure Psychological
1881 Uncertain Memory
1883 Ghost Supernatural
1887 Wisteria Objects
1894 Creation Chaos/Order
1897 Poetry Art
1906 Photograph Objects
1920 Secrecy Community
1921 Trauma Psychological
1923 Paradox Recurring Tropes
1924 Honor Morals
1925 Sword Objects
1926 Teetotaler Character
1927 Fatality Recurring Tropes
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1831 Fame Social
1857 Business partners Commercial
1859 Motherhood Familial

As a part of one's identity. I created it when Temple Drake (in Requiem) notes that she had become a mother but never exorcised her culturally improper sexual desires. SR

1860 Husband-wife Familial
1910 Dissolution Familial
1912 Master-slave Interracial
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1833 Farming Agricultural
1834 Animal predatory behavior Violent
1835 Destructive behavior Violent

Should "destructive" be a second-level category for "Actions"? (Violent seems wrong for things like vandalism.) -JBP

1838 Self-consciousness Mental
1842 Bragging Verbal
1843 Store clerk Work
1844 Restauranteer Work
1848 Government Work
1850 Fireman Work
1851 Chewing Bodily
1854 Silence Verbal
1858 Historical recreation Play
1861 Throwing Physical
1862 Running Physical
1865 Building Physical
1866 Announcing Verbal
1867 Eating Physical
1868 Livestock care Agricultural
1870 Riding Physical
1879 Waiting Physical
1880 Dreaming Physical
1882 Lust Emotional
1898 Starvation Bodily
1900 Writing Communication
1913 Fetching Movement
1914 Running Movement
1915 Hiding Movement
1916 Discipline Domestic
1917 Spitting Movement
1919 Requesting Verbal
1922 Renounce Moral
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1836 Hunting clothes Clothes
1845 Bachelor Gender
1846 Yale Education
1849 City government Politics
1853 Colorism Race
1884 Virginity Sexuality
1896 North vs South Cultural Identity
1899 Wedding dress Clothes
1909 Fratricide Crime
Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1837 City Place

For when a place is characterized by its built-up nature, especially as a contrast to town or rural places (e.g., "the tall buildings and the hard pavements and the street cars" in "Lion"). JBP

1839 Zoo Public
1855 April Time of Year
1856 Daybreak Time of Day
1908 Gloom Atmospheric
1911 Sunshine Weather
1918 Deathbed Domestic Space