Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1426 Dust Atmospheric
1427 Moon Natural
1428 Breathing Auditory
1433 Dinner Time of Day
1437 Dereliction Atmospheric
1461 Upstairs Domestic Space
1462 Outhouse Domestic Space
1472 Gallery Domestic Space
1473 Gallop Auditory
1474 Summer house Domestic Space
1475 Garden Domestic Space
1476 Hall Domestic Space
1480 Howling Auditory
1488 Lot Domestic Space
1495 Supply house Public
1501 Hearth Domestic Space
1503 New Year Time of Year
1506 Drive Domestic Space
1512 Pasture Domestic Space
1514 Parlor Domestic Space
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1429 Kidnapping Violent
1430 Dehumanization Violent

Treating a person through one's actions as if they are an object rather than a fellow human being. BR

1431 Sweating Bodily
1432 Laughing Emotional
1436 Lynch mob Violent
1438 Probing Physical
1439 Jumping Physical
1440 Choking Bodily
1441 Limping Movement
1443 Trembling Physical
1444 Breathing Bodily
1445 Trembling Bodily
1448 Caring Emotional
1453 Borrowing Economic
1466 Slave hunting Hunting
1467 Decay Non-human
1481 Fox hunting Hunting
1482 Watching Bodily
1489 Surprise Emotional
1490 Empathy Emotional
1492 Denial Verbal
1493 Digging Physical
1494 Letter Communication
1498 Chasing Movement
1502 Messenger Communication

Whenever someone comes to deliver a message verbally in person.

1507 Interrogation Interaction, Private
1509 Indifference Emotional
1510 Reading Physical
1511 Curtsy Physical
1515 Polish Domestic
1524 Pity Emotional
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1434 Prostitution Sexuality
1435 Elevator Progress
1442 Fever Health and Illness
1446 Division Race
1447 Fantasy Mass Media

The fantasies generated in viewers, readers, or listeners by the mass media. What in "Dry September," in reference to Hollywood cinema, Faulkner calls "the silver dream." BR

1450 Elevator Technology
1452 Travel Global
1456 Unity War

This keyword describes the way in which war calls upon disparate people to fight for the same ideal. The specific example this is based on is Southerners ultimately fighting in the United States army in later wars, but could also described the camaraderie between allied nations. Joost Burgers

1457 Infrastructure Progress

This is a blanket term for any infrastructural development that happens. This is used for something that is either not covered, or when infrastructure in general improves. The specific example here is about Jefferson not being developed enough for it to have anything the Union Army might want. JB

1458 Pillage War
1460 Strategy War

Although technically strategy and tactics are two different elements of war, for the time being they have been collapsed into the same keyword unless there are really nuanced discussions of either in Faulkner. JB

1463 Obesity Health and Illness
1464 Usurpation Government
1465 Indian medicine Health and Illness
1469 Mute Health and Illness
1471 Bible Religion
1477 Female intuition Gender

This is any event in which women are able to "intuit" gender relationships. The case in point is in My Grandmother Millard where Granny intuits the budding relationship between Melisandre and Cousin Phillip. Although the projection is certainly Faulkner's, it ties into broader nineteenth and twentieth century patriarchal notions of feminine intuition. Joost Burgers

1478 Deprivation War

Individuals or groups who have been deprived of resources and comfort. JB

1479 Amulet Religion
1483 Audit Government
1487 Spoils War
1497 Disguise Clothes
1499 Stereotype mule Race
1500 Black stereotype Race
1504 Warrant Law
1505 Fog of War War
1508 Insubordination War
1513 Clothes Race
1516 Formal Clothes
1518 Interracial Violence
1521 Mental illness Health and Illness
1523 Patriarchy Gender
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1449 Interjection Language

A cry that expresses an emotion (Ouch! Ugh!) or functions as a command or request (Shhh!). BR

1451 Bricolage Style
1470 Conversation with oneself Narrative
1484 Harvest Figures of Speech
1486 Forrest, Nathan Bedford Allusion, Historical
1496 Centaur Allusion, Mythical
1526 Angel Allusion, Biblical
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1454 Luxury Money
1455 Slipper Objects
1459 Alarm Arrivals/Departures

This is whenever a character arrives or departs to communicate a message of alarm. JB

1468 Drum Objects
1491 Watermelon Objects
1517 Dulcimer Objects
1520 Audience response Story-telling
1522 Horsewhip Objects
1525 Corpse Objects
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1519 Child-adult Interracial