Unnamed Father of Boy Hunter

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Unnamed Father of Boy Hunter
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Unnamed Father of Boy Hunter
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As Joseph Blotner points out, in a typescript for "The Old People" the father of the story's narrator is referred to as "Mr Compson" (presumably the Mr. Compson who is Benjy, Caddy, Quentin and Jason's father), but the character is given no name at all in this magazine version of the story. All we can say with certainty about him is that he belongs to Yoknapatawpha's upper-class, owns a farm four miles from Jefferson and has an office in town. He goes hunting every November with Major de Spain, Walter Ewell, Boon Hogganbeck and Uncle Ike McCaslin. When he was young, like his unnamed son, he was taught to hunt by Sam Fathers, and he tells his son that he also once had a mystical encounter while hunting with Sam. (When Faulkner revised this story for Go Down, Moses, the boy's father is replaced by his cousin McCaslin.)