Unnamed Grandfather of Boy Hunter

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Unnamed Grandfather of Boy Hunter
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Unnamed Grandfather of Boy Hunter
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The grandfather of the boy hunter who is the narrator as well as Sam's apprentice in "The Old People" and just the apprentice hunter in "The Bear" is briefly mentioned, but his name is not given in either text nor is much else about him explained except that (in the first story) he lived in "the same country" and had "grown up" and "lived" in "almost the same manner" as his grandson (202), and that in "The Bear" his grandson carries an "old, heavy, biscuit-thick silver watch which had belonged to his grandfather" (289). This is all the story says about that man, who is apparently now dead, but it is enough to establish his class pedigree: the manner in which he lived was that of the upper class in Yoknapatawpha. (In Go Down, Moses the boy is Ike McCaslin and his grandfather is Carothers McCaslin, a man Ike has never seen but whose tainted legacy to his grandson leads Ike to choose to live in a very different manner, but in "The Old People" chapter of the novel Faulkner left in the phrases about the "same country" and the "same manner," 157.)