Turpins' Farm (Location Key)


Over the course of Faulkner's career he imaginatively revisits Frenchman's Bend and the small farms around the hamlet many times. It is dark when he visits the first one of those farms, the Turpin place where Byron Snopes spends his last minutes in Yoknapatawpha with Minnie Sue in Flags in the Dust, but Faulkner already has a clear image such a place. The Turpins live half an hour's distance from the highway by car "along a rutted wagon road, between swampy jungle" (278), in a "low, broken-backed log house" standing on a "small knoll wooded with scrub oak and indiscriminate saplings" and a "barren, sun-baked surface" (279).

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Turpins' Farm
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Turpins' Farm

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