The Sound and the Fury, 255 (Event)

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I went on into the living room. I couldn't hear
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The Twenties (1920-1929)
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Friday, April 6, 1928

Dilsey invites Jason to eat supper, but he does not want to eat at the table alone. He demands that Miss Quentin, at least, comes to the table to eat. Miss Caroline comes down as well. Miss Quentin tells that Jason followed her that day. He denies it, saying he had loaned the car. Caroline demands that Jason and Quentin get along; Quentin blames Jason. She says, "Whatever I do, it's your fault. If I'm bad, it's because I had to be." She leaves Caroline and Jason at the table after she announces she wises she were dead. Caroline discloses that she knows Quentin did not go to school that day. They lament how things have turned out with Caddy and Miss Quentin.


Jason forces Dilsey to get his mother and niece to come to the supper table, then drives Miss Quentin away by taunting her with innuendo. He and his mother talk over the past, especially the actions of his brother Quentin and Caddy.

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