The Sound and the Fury, 245 (Event)

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I went back to the store. I could hear the band from down the street.
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The Twenties (1920-1929)
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Friday, April 6, 1928

Jason returns to the store. Earl laments about prohibition taking the little extra money away from the country men so that there is no money left to spend at the shops in town. Earl tells Jason business was slow after all so it was not a problem that Jason was not in the store. Jason picks a fight with Earl to make a point that Earl cannot comment on Jason's home life. Earl tells Jason, "You'd be a good business man if you'd let yourself." Jason goes to the back and finds that Job had set up the cultivators. Jason finds solitude in the back, and he thinks about how much money the shows are making. He thinks about Lorraine and wants to see a "church-going woman half as square." When the band stops playing, he can hear the rowdiness of the people. He figures Parson Walthall was "getting a belly full of them." Jason complains to Earl about how late it was. He says it is no good waiting on the slight chance of someone buying anything because the people will want to hitch up and head home in order to get back before midnight. Jason and Earl talk when Uncle Job comes back from the show with the wagon and loads some packages. Job denies going to the show, and Jason accuses him of lying. Jason watches Job leave in a wagon. He thinks blacks should be "in the field."


The end of the day at the hardware store. Jason talks with Earl and Job and thinks over his life, wondering "why I dont quit" (246).

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