Flem now occupies the De Spain mansion and the presidency of the Sartoris bank, both significant markers of the way the Old South is being displaced by the New. But the novel's emphasis is not really on "the gradual eating-up of Jefferson by Snopes," as Faulkner put it in a 1938 letter describing the last volume of his projected Snopes trilogy. The central conflicts in the story are not between Snopesism and the old aristocracy but within the Snopes family. There are thirty Snopeses in the novel - more if you include the unspecified "gang of kinfolks and in-laws" who help Wat Snopes enlarge Flem's mansion (171); our genealogy does not include them - but besides Flem the two that matter most are Mink (his cousin) and Linda (his non-biological daughter). The main plot lines that organize the story deal with Flem's manipulative treatment of these two. Linda and Mink are very different kinds of people, but in the end they are brought together by the one thing they have in common: their determination to get even with Flem. (Mink also furnishes some additional information about the relationships among the Snopeses on the family tree: according to him, both Montgomery Ward and Clarence Egglestone Snopes are grandsons of "my brother" and "my oldest brother" [99, 113]. But the larger narrative of Mink's life makes it unlikely that he has any siblings, so we leave this set of relationships off our charts.)

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