Sartoris Plantation Barn and Lot in "Ambuscade" (Location)

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Barn and Lot
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As a working farm, the Sartoris plantation includes a number of work-related outbuildings, such as a smokehouse (used to preserve meats during the era before refrigeration), a kitchen (likely detached from the main house so as to minimize the threat of fire to the main house), a stable, and a barn and adjacent lot for livestock. Mississippi plantations also typically included other outbuildings, such as sheds and storehouses, a carriage house, a well or spring house, a laundry, and a dairy or milkhouse. Very large plantations might also include a blacksmith shop, a cotton gin house, and even a school or church. Plantations also included residential quarters for slaves: typically, these were cabins located in a confined space apart from the main house and the other outbuildings. Judging from the evidence in this story, the Sartoris plantation appears to be a medium size plantation, lacking the industrial amenities of very large plantations but large enough to have several named outbuildings. "Ambuscade" opens with the boys Bayard and Ringo playing behind the smokehouse, and the story later makes specific reference to the barn, stable, kitchen, and two different cabins in the quarters.

Site of Event
Barn; Plantation Grounds