Rejuvenated Rental Cabin (Location Key)


This is the "rejuvenated rented cabin" in Flags in the Dust into which the "family of country people" whom Narcissa Benbow looks after during World War I move when they come "to town" (72). "Country people" in the Yoknapatawpha fictions are invariably white, but the majority of the places that Faulkner calls 'cabins' are lived in by Negroes - especially when the cabins are inside the town, as this one is. So inside the word "rejuvenated" may lurk a significant sociological story about how the former slave cabins in Jefferson (some of which, like Dilsey's in The Sound and the Fury or Paralee's in Intruder in the Dust, are still occupied by the black domestic servants of the town's old aristocracy) have been fixed up to rent to whites. But that is an interpretive speculation, as is our decision about where to plot this cabin on the map. Flags says only that it is "on the edge of town" (72); our choice to put it on the southeast side of Jefferson is almost entirely speculative. The cabin is far enough from the railroad station that they use a borrowed car to get there from the cabin, which suggested the east side of town. And the fact that so many other "country people" in Flags are from Frenchman's Bend suggested the southeast side.

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Rejuvenated Rental Cabin
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Rejuvenated Rental Cabin