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Named Redlaw in Flags in the Dust and Redmond in The Unvanquished, this man was Colonel Sartoris' partner in building the railroad through Yoknapatawpha until the two men fell out; after Sartoris defeated him in an election, Redlaw shot and killed him. His name changes to "Ben Redmond" in The Unvanquished, where he also plays a larger role. The second novel adds the detail that he did not fight in the Civil War, one of the things Sartoris taunts him about during the political campaign - though many people in Jefferson know that "he aint no coward" (226). When he re-appears in Requiem for a Nun, again as Redmond, his life story has changed: in this last appearance he is identified as one of the "carpetbaggers in Jefferson" at the end of the Civil War (183) - i.e. a Yankee - before becoming Sartoris' partner.