"Race at Morning", 309 (Event)

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“Yes,” I said. “All we got to do now is put
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Midcentury (1941-)
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Friday, November 12, 1954 to Tuesday, November 30, 1954

Mister Ernest tells the narrator that the boy will not be planting "the crop" for next year as the boy expects (309). Instead, Mister Ernest says the narrator must go to school. The boy protests that he wants to be "a hunter and a farmer" just like Mister Ernest, but the man tells the boy that times have changed and that the narrator needs to be educated in order to teach others who do not get the chance to get an education (309). The narrator accuses Mister Ernest of purposefully unloading his pump gun so that he would not be able to kill the buck they had been chasing, and Mister Ernest explains that with the buck alive they can pursue it in the hunt next November.


At the end of the story, Mister Ernest explains to the boy both why he must start school when they return home and why he chose to fire an empty rifle at the buck.

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Agriculture, Hunting, Education:School, Hunter, Farmer, Wisdom, Humanity, Ethics, Animal:Deer, Drinking:Whiskey