Old Bayard's Aunt

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Old Bayard's Aunt
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Sartoris, Aunt of Bayard II
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At the start of Flags in the Dust, in Will Falls' re-telling about the time the Yankee patrol chased Colonel Sartoris away from his plantation, he reminds the Colonel's son Bayard that among the people living there was "yo' aunt, the one 'fo' Miss Jenny come" (22). According to Falls' story, she is "a full-blood Sartoris," but this is the only time Faulkner's fiction mentions her existence. (In The Unvanquished, Faulkner's later stories about the Sartorises during the Civil War, the female relative who lives at Sartoris is Rosa Millard, John's mother-in-law and Bayard's grandmother.)

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