New Jersey (Location Key)


New Jersey locations figure three times in the fictions. In Flags in the Dust it is the site of the military "embarkation depot" from which Buddy MacCallum takes a ship to France during the First World War (355). There was a real embarkation point in Newark, New Jersey, but the novel isn't that specific. World War I also provides the context in which Gavin Stevens mentions East Orange, New Jersey, in "Knight's Gambit." When discussing the experience the veterans of foreign wars have had, Gavin Stevens compares John Doe of Jefferson, Mississippi, to "Joe Ginotta of East Orange, New Jersey" - using the eastern state to represent one of the country's non-British ethnic groups (243). Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, is mentioned in Flags in the Dust, but as a 'School' it has its own entry in the Index.

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New Jersey
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New Jersey