Mrs. Winterbottom's Boarding House (Location Key)


"Miz Winterbottom's" is where the two Yankee "cyarpet-baggers" who try to organize the emancipated slaves to vote are boarding in Flags in the Dust, and it is here that Colonel Sartoris seeks them out and shoots them - before apologizing to Mrs. Winterbottom for "mussing up [her] guest-room" with the killing (243). There are a number of boarding houses in Jefferson in the various fictions. Mrs. Winterbottom's only appears in Flags. For example, the third time Faulkner tells the story of Sartoris shooting these two men, in The Unvanquished, they are staying at the Holston House. (There is no explicit connection between the Winterbottoms in Jefferson and the Winterbottoms in Frenchman's Bend, but see Winterbottoms' Farm in this index.)

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Mrs. Winterbottom's Boarding House
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Mrs. Winterbottom's Boarding House