Mitchell House (Location Key)


The narrator of Flags in the Dust calls this "huge brick house set well up onto the street" (24) a "majestic monstrosity" (180). Built on the site of a "fine old colonial house" by "a hillman who had moved in [to Jefferson] from a small settlement called Frenchman's Bend," it is described as "an architectual garbling so imposingly terrific as to possess a kind of majesty" (24). It is built close to the street in the fashion of the country rather than set back on a deep lawn, as dictated by the town's upper-class traditions (a practice endorsed throughout the fictions by Faulkner himself). When the hillman left Jefferson two years after building it, he sold it to "a new-comer to town," presumably Harry Mitchell (24). Behind the house Harry and Belle Mitchell live in is a new tennis court.

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Mitchell House
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Mitchell House

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