MacCallum|McCallum Place (Location Key)


This spot is one of those Yoknapatawpha locations that changes dramatically, depending on Faulkner's imaginative concerns at different points in his career. On Faulkner's two maps of Yoknapatawpha the spot is home to two families, with three different names: the MacCallums (in Flags in the Dust), whose name is spelled McCallum in two later texts; and the McCaslins (in Go Down, Moses and elsewhere). As the MacCallum|McCallum place, it was built in 1866 by Virginius MacCallum; as the McCaslin place it has its own location entry, but it's significant that in that incarnation the spot is the site of a large antebellum slave plantation. There is no taint of slavery associated with the MacCallum|McCallum property. They are identified as yeoman farmers rather than planters, and associated with hunting and making moonshine. In Flags the farmland is largely neglected; in "The Tall Men" it is still being worked by the sons of Anse - as Virginius is called in the short story. In both these texts and "Knight's Gambit" the place provides a kind of refuge from modernity as a locus of traditional virtues like independence, courage and loyalty. Ike McCaslin - who is morally compelled to renounce the McCaslin place in Go Down, Moses - would have felt a lot more at 'home' at the McCallums'.

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MacCallum|McCallum Place
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MacCallum|McCallum Place