Light in August, 71 (Event)

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One day the cook quit. They heard how one night
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Thursday, April 8, 1909 to Saturday, July 31, 1909

JBP 6/19/14 - Several characters here may need to be listed separately: I've lumped them under "Unnamed Townspeople," but there is mention here of "two or three men in the town who would object to her doing whatever it was which she considered contrary to God and nature" AND "some of the younger men." And there is "a man [who] found him [H's male cook] in the woods about a mile from town" that does not seem to be listed yet. AND (AND!) there are "some of the men [who] came to him [Hightower] and tried again to persuade him to leave Jefferson" - were these some of the MASKED men, or some others?

One other item: since "they" offered to "prosecute the men who had done it," that sounds like law enforcement and/or lawyers/prosecutors/district attorneys were involved here as well.

TMT: I still don't think so, but I will forward the query to Jim and Cheryl.

Boy, these unnamed characters get complicated!

CBL/JBC 8/20/14: The characters you were looking for are in Drupal.


The townspeople tell Byron about the racial/sexual scandal after Mrs. Hightower's death.

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Gossip, Race Relations, Ku Klux Klan, Racial Violence