Jefferson Residential Streets (Location Key)


Several of the fictions refer to the wider, well-shaded streets where are found Jefferson's higher class homes. The street on which Bayard crashes while riding the stallion in Flags in the Dust, for example, leads away from the street with the livery stable on it. It is described as "quieter," quiet enough to allow children to be playing in it when Bayard and horse suddenly appear (130). The trees that line it, the cement sidewalks and the presence of black yardmen all suggest a wealthy or at least middle-class white neighborhood. The one car driving down the street belongs to Narcissa Benbow. Similarly, the car driving Cotton to the jail in "The Hound" passes through the town along a "smooth street" (i.e. a paved street) in a prosperous neighborhood where the yards are "big [and] shady," children play, and "men and women" walk "home toward supper" (163).

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Jefferson Residential Streets
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Jefferson Residential Streets