Jackson MacCallum

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Jackson MacCallum
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MacCallum, Jackson
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The eldest of the sons in the MacCallum|McCallum family, Jackson is named for the Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson, under whom his father served in the Civil War. He appears as a minor character in two texts. In Flags in the Dust he is described as "a sort of shy and impractical Cincinnatus" (337). Much to his father's disgust, he is attempting to transform hunting by interbreeding a fox and a hound. In "The Tall Men" his brothers seek his counsel as the eldest, the one who "knowed father longer than the rest of us" and would best know how Old Anse would have acted (57), but he is not portrayed as the most dominant personality in the family: when Dr. Schofield asks Jackson for his opinion about whether to operate on brother Buddy with only whiskey for anesthesia, it is brother Stuart who answers instead.