Horace's New Town|Kinston (Location Key)


The town in which Horace and Belle are living at the end of Flags in the Dust is unnamed but described harshly as an antithesis to the old world of Jefferson that Horace has left behind. It's a new town, built around a lumber factory "financed by eastern capital" and run by "as plausible and affable a set of brigands as ever stole a county" (373). The town consists of "mile after mile of identical frame houses with garage to match," and there is plenty of money there, "like that afflatus of rank fecundity above a foul and stagnant pool" (373). In Sanctuary, which begins with Horace's attempt to run away from this "flat and rich and foul" place (15) and ends with his defeated return to it, the town is called "Kinston," and it is explicitly located on or near the Mississippi Delta.

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Horace's New Town|Kinston
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Horace's New Town|Kinston