Glade at MacCallum Place (Location Key)


This "glade" is described in Flags in the Dust as "an old field, sedge-grown, its plow-scars long healed over" (330). This is one of the signs that the MacCallum property was once a farm or plantation. There are apparently still some Negro tenants farming part of the property - i.e. the "two negro men" Bayard sees in the kitchen on his first evening at the place (336) - but on the whole, like this field, the MacCallum property seems to be reverting to nature, and used more for hunting and making moonshine, perhaps also breeding domestic animals, than for growing cotton or other commercial crops. (On the other hand, when this location is revisited as the McCallum farm in "The Tall Men," it is being very actively worked as a farm.)

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Glade at MacCallum Place
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Glade at MacCallum Place