Dan Grinnup

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Dan Grinnup
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Grinnup, Dan
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"Old Dan" Grinnup in The Reivers is one of the last two surviving members of the Grenier family, perhaps the oldest white family in Yoknapatawpha. A "dirty old man with a tobacco-stained beard," he is "never quite completely drunk," but obviously is an alcoholic (7). His daughter married Ballott, the stable's foreman, but apparently he owes his marginal position at work to the fact that, when the family was in better circumstances, Maury Priest "used to fox hunt with old Dan's father out at Frenchman's Bend" (8). In the stable he has "no official position," but does work as a carriage driver, which inspires the remark (one that Faulkner had already used in connection with another fallen aristocrat in Sanctuary) "that once Greniers led Yoknapatawpha society; now Grinnups drove it" (8).

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